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Make celebrations of 26th January and 15th August meaningful !!
A View Point

By Prof. Kali Dass

Every year we celebrate 26th of Jan and 15th of August as the Republic Day and the Independence Day respectively. Crores of rupees are spent for their celebrations. Prime Minister, CMs/Ministers of their respective states also deliver high voltage speeches to explain the meaning of such celebrations of these two historical days. But the real sense of such celebrations lies in their practical implementations.

What was promised to the countrymen for the constitutional rights could not mature for many years by those rulers who occupied the post of Prime Minister. Some representation was given to SCs and STs through Poona pact because of inevitable circumstances, other wise due representation to backward castes of the country inspite of provisions kept under Art 340 of Indian Constitution could not happen. Report of Kake Kaleter Commission of 1953 was hacked by the then Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru and first president of India Dr. Raday Krishana and this continued till 1989 when Late V.P Singh became the Prime Minister of India and implemented the long awaited Mandal report of 1980.

BJP and Congress both were against the implementation of Mandal Report. BJP took out a rath yatr for Ayudhya lead by L.K Advani and the V.P Singh Govt. fell down & this Mandal Report case was dragged in the Hon’ble Apex Court which gave its judgment in 1992 & the Mandal Report was implemented throughout the country except J&K State.

In J&K State inspite of the lapse of 25 years, Mandal report could not see the light of the day which proves that Indian Constitution is not implementated in J&K State.

J&K State has its own constitution and its Art 50 sub-section 6 provides power to the Hon’ble State Governor to nominate 8 MLCs out which 3 OBC MLCs must be there & the rest of the 5 MLCs should be purly Non-Political. Till date this Art 50(6) could not see the light of the date. The high slogans of the celebrations of Republic day and Independence day are only to befool the backward classes (OBCs, SC, STs) of the J&K State where the CMs, Ministers perhaps take oath on the name of God and the Indian Constitution but in their hearts always promised not to implement any constitution in the J&K State.

In J&K neither the “Desh’s Constitution nor the State’s Constitutions” has been implemented. Then can Ms Mehbooba Mufti darely explain as Chief Minister and her colleague Ministers and her coalition partner BJP that under what constitution you celebrate such celebrations which are not covered in any of the constitutions in J&K State.

Govt. “for the people, by the people and of the people” form the defination of the Democracy. But this defination has been changed by the treacherous leaders of different pol. parties who ruled the State into a wonder struck defination “Govt. off the people, far the people and buy the people.” In J&K State 70% population of Muslims and the rulers were muslims, are muslims and would be muslims. We ask these rulers whether rule of Ahalay Islam and Ahalay Quran can be implemented which say, “Kisi Ka Haq Khana; Kisi Ka Haq dabana ya Kisi ka Haq Utha kar Kisi aur ko dena” is a crime. Whether the state rulers who ruled and are ruling are covered under this rule. You do not implement any constitution, but implement Ahalay Quran’s principles even then the State backward Castes would get their due rights and this will also reflect the islamic character of the muslim rulers.

Besides Mr. Modi’s Govt. has started a trend to finish the constitutional rights of all the backward classes of the country. Through Apex Court’s and High Court’s, orders which are being issued to abolish the reservation in promotion. Many OBC students have been deprived under one reason or the other. Recent order of the Bombay High Court which stops the reservation in promotion is a wondering order. In an Apex Court’s decision, not to give benefit in reservation in promotion to a candidate to avails the age relaxation has been implemented in the country as a base to stop reservation in the open category till date if the reservation system was being allowed, how now after seventy years the same rules are being misinterpreted.

Rules are framed and formed in the parliament. Hon’ble Courts are to go by those rules. Hon’ble Courts can not make the rule and also cannot struck down the rules, then how such orders are passed in the courts. This is a Mr. Modi’s policy who has projected himself as an OBC Prime Minister has proved that he may be possessing an OBC Certificate, but he cannot be from among the OBCs. His recent attempt to dilute the national commission for backward classes (NCBC) with one Minority Community member and a women member (if not from OBC) is a treacherous act. A hue and cry is being heard throughout the country because of Mr. Modi’s anti people policies.

So a Prime Minister working to finish the granted constitutional rights of the poor people cannot be a trust worthy what he promised, did nothing but backed of his promises. Celebrations are not the welfare of the commons but for few who want to rule the country under Chaturverna system and this fertiles the celebrations in the absence of the implementation country’s constitution and J&K Constitution in JK State in particular where Prime Minister Mr. Modi promised to implement Mandal Report in Lok Sabha Elections in 2014. State Govt. has failed to enhance the creamy layer and some other related issues because the BJP Govt. in the state which supports PDP is an anti OBCs and believe in false propaganda for votes only.

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