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AIKS condemns Azad’s statement, which holds Jagmohan responsible for KPs exodus from Kashmir

Jammu,August 04 (Scoop News)-All India Kashmiri Samaj ( AIKS ) condemns Ghulam Nabhi Azad’s statement, which holds Jagmohan responsible for our exodus from Kashmir in 1989-90

All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS ) condemns Ghulam Nabhi Azad's statement, which holds Jagmohan responsible for our exodus from Kashmir in 1989-90 , and completely exonerates those who actually threw us out

New Delhi: AIKS condemns the statement of Ghulam Nabi Azad, which holds Jagmohan responsible for our exodus from Kashmir in 1989-90, and completely exonerates those who actually threw us out. This theory, propounded by the separatist, Jihadis and their sponsors within and outside Kashmir, as part of their well-thought disinformation campaign, had following objectives:

It was meant to bail out Kashmiri Jihadis and their camp followers who actually threw us out.
It was meant to shift the blame from Farooq Abdullah in Kashmir and those ruling at the centre at that time.
It was meant to gain the support of Left/ Liberal/ Secular/Congress to give legitimacy to the Kashmiri Jihadi campaign.
Jagmohan, whom the above forces had painted as a rank communalist because of his administrative/ municipal action to clean up the area around Turkman gate of Delhi, predominantly habited by Muslims, and who now had been sent as Governor of J&K State, was found the ideal person to be projected as the fall guy and a scapegoat. Therefore, in a well thought out the strategy he was blamed for our exodus.
It served the Congress interests greatly to blame Jagmohan for our exodus as it helped them protect their vote bank. Our media too bought this theory lock, stock and barrel, dominated as it was by the powerful Left/ Liberal elements.
It may be mentioned that Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir had resisted the compulsion to leave Kashmir till the events of January, 19, 1990, despite a number of them having been killed by then by the armed Jihadis No one ever asked these people as to how Jagmohañ could ask Kashmiri Pandits to leave when he had taken over the Governor's charge on 18 Jan, 1990, itself and poor weather had prevented him from reaching Srinagar the next day. By then Kashmiri Pandit exodus had already begun. Ghulam Nabhi Azad's statement has served the purpose of sprinkling salt on our wounds.

He has taken an oath to protect the Indian Constitution and the fundamental cornerstone on which it is based is; SATYAM EVA JAYAYE. Therefore, no matter how many lies he speaks to serve his narrow political interests, TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL.

The above resolution was passed in an emergency meeting of AIKS, presided over by Vice President, Sh. Vijay Kashkari, in the absence of Col Tej K Tikoo, President, who is presently abroad.

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