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2019 new Corona Virus is a Bio-warfare Weapon

By Dr.Ramesh Tamiri

China and Pakistan are rogue states ,which pose serious threat to global peace and democratic order.The former through use of illegitimate means to achieve global dominance and the latter by sponsoring jihadist terrorism to emerge as leader of the Muslim world.China and Pakistan have a strategic partnership.They share many things in common.One,they have no scruples in using illegitimate means in promoting their dangerous agendas.Two,they are ideological states.Three,they have authoritarian political systems.Four,they are immediate neighbours of India and hostile to it.

Outbreak of Corona epidemic in Wuhan,China in December 2019 and its spread across the world,leading to the loss of millions of lives and total disruption of economy,has raised serious concern on the nature of current pandemic.Corona scourge continues to take heavy toll through second wave and horrifying spectre of third wave looms large.

What really is Corona pandemic? Is Corona virus a natural virus that has gone rogue or is it a genetically engineered bio-warfare weapon created by China to target the West and its rival in Asia,India?No power that resorts to use of bio-weapons to target its adversaries will leave any direct evidence that can incriminate it for an international criminal action.So all that we can rely upon will be the circumstantial evidence.

Do we have sufficient circumstantial evidence to justify our claim that new Corona 19 Virus is a Chinese bio-weapon?

We do have such evidence:

1. Suppression of facts

The first case of Covid 19 came to notice of the world in Wuhan,China on 15 December 2019.There was an outbreak of pandemic in the city leading to death of thousands of people including doctors treating them.It pointed towards two things- it was fatal and spread fast.A normal state would have sought global help and displayed transparency.Chinese suppressed the news and facts about the outbreak.They forebade their doctors from speaking on it.Dr.Ai Fen,the director of the emergency department at Wuhan Central Hospital,violated the diktat and on 11 March 2020 told Chinese magazine Renwu that by keeping lid on the actual facts Chinese Govt. has only aggravated the situation.She was threatened for talking to Renwu. Her colleague Dr.Li Wenliang,who supported her on social media was imprisoned.If it was a pandemic due to a natural virus why should have Chinese censored the facts.

Liu Dengfeng,a senior Chinese official,confessed that the Govt. also destroyed early samples of the coronavirus.

2.AIDS like Insertions

A study carried out by Indian scientists from three top institutions titled –Uncanny similarity of novel inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV -1 gp 120 and Gag was published in January 2020.It pointed out that new Corona Virus had 4 new AIDS like insertions which were not present in other groups of Coronaviruses.They concluded it was not a natural virus.They said,” it is quite unlikely for a virus to have acquired such unique insertions naturally in a short duration of time.”They claimed that new 4 AIDS like insertions made Wuhan virus jump to humans.Previously,it was known to infect only animals.China had also been trying AIDS drugs Iopinavir and ritonavir in treatment of Covid cases.

3.Canadian-Wuhan link

On 4 May 2013 NML Winnipeg facility ,Canada’s famous lab known for investigation of Coronaviruses, received samples of a virus from a lab in Netherlands.The samples had been of a patient in Jeddah who was admitted in a Saudi Hospital on 13 June 2012 with SARS like symptoms.After Virologist Dr.Ali Mohamaed Zaki failed to locate the agent responsible for the patient’s illness he got in touch with the leading Dutch Virologist Ron Fouchier.The latter used RT-PCR technique to investigate further.When he could not reach a definite conclusion he sent the samples to NML facility in Canada.Virologists at Winnipeg decided to investigate which animals could contract disease due to this virus.

This Winnipeg lab was accessed by Chinese spy scientists to smuggle the virus samples to China and weaponise it.The shipment of this new virus from NML facility to China came to the notice of the international Bio-warfare experts in March 2019.There was an uproar.NML virologists agreed new virus was highly fatal and could be misused for making a bio-weapon.

An investigation was launched into the shipment of the new virus to China.Culprits were traced.They turned out to be Chinese Virologists & Biologists who had infiltrated NML facility.On 5 July 2019 Chinese rogue Virologist were shunted out.They included Dr. Xiangguo Qiu,her husband Dr.Keding Cheng and some other members of her team.She had come to Canada in 1996 for studies and since 2006 was involved in the study of lethal viruses at NML facility.Investigations carried out found that the viruses which were secretly sent to China were under her study in 2014.

The couple had also helped obtain access for many Chinese students and scientists working on Biological Warfare Program to NML facility. Canadian investigations are also focused on the nature of shipments of viruses to China from 2006 to 2018.It is said Dr.Qiu’s support was critical to weaponisation of new Coronavirus.In 2017-2018 she made 5 trips to Wuhan lab.Wuhan Lab located in the housing complex of Chinese military is linked to Biowarfare program of China.It has been involved in study of Viruses that cause SARS,H5N1 influenza,Japanese Encepahalitis,Dengue and anthrax,originally weaponised by Russia.According to an expert on China bio- warfare program Dany Shoham more than 40 Chinese labs are involved in bio- warfare program.

4.Genetic group targeting

In a paper titled Is COVID a Chinese bio-genetic weapon Sridhar Chari,a strategic expert, says that in view of its fast spread and dangerous mutations the new Corona virus could be a lab-created biogenetic weapon that targets specific genetic profiles.Basing his conclusions on the selective geographical spread of the disease globally,sparing people in China as well as South-east Asian countries, he says haplogroup O-M122 was immune to new Corona virus.This genetic group is shared by majority of Han population in China and Southeast Asian/East Asian countries.Since many northeastern states of India had witnessed influx of Han people from China in the past these too have seen low numbers of covid cases and mortality.

Another study conducted in Hubei province of China ,which witnessed Covid pandemic ,A blood group was found to be most susceptible in terms of catching infection and mortality.

5.Chinese boast on Weaponisation of Virus

In 2015 Chinese military scientists were openly talking about the weaponisation of viruses as route to global hegemony.In a leaked document titled The unnatural origin of SARS and New species of Man-Made viruses as Genetic Bioweapons ,accessed by an Australian website,Chinese military scientists said that the new World War would be fought with bio-weapons and called emergence of SARS Coronaviruses as a “new era of genetic weapons.” These,they said,” can be artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus,then weaponised and unleashed in a way never seen before.”

This paper was translated by Dr.Li-Meng Yan,a Chinese Ophthalmologist-Virologist,into English.She tweeted that Chinese biowarfare team head Major-General Dezhong Xu called SARS-CoV-2 as ‘’ideal contemporary genetic weapon.”He claimed that the weaponised virus would be- be indistinguishable from a natural virus and help China maintain plausible deniability to escape international censure for using Viruses as bio-weapons.Secondly,he said the weaponised virus could be used to gain “ political and strategic advantage,regionally or internationally over enemy states.”

Dr.Li-Meng Yan published a paper in September 2020 in which she claimed that new Corona virus was created in a research lab.

6.China-Pakistan deal for Covert experiments

On 23 July 2020 an Australian website The Klaxon published a story in which it said China and Pakistan had signed a three- year deal for running covert research projects in Pakistan to experiment biowarfare capabilities as part of a broader offensive against India and western countries.

Chinese manipulation

Chinese sought to deflect attention from biowarfare dimension of new Corona 19 virus by planting stories that new Corona virus originated from seafood market and Chinese fancy for eating wild animals including bats.But a Lancet study showed that novel coronavirus had no link, whatsoever, with the seafood market.Many American universities and global academic bodies,probably funded by Chinese and also Social media giants have sought to black out all news that points to Corona 19 Virus origins as a biowarfare weapon created by China.

Global Concern

Global community is alarmed over the contours of second wave of Corona pandemic sweeping India and on its fallout.There is slow recognition unofficially among the Govt.s in the West that new Corona-19 virus is a weaponised virus.There is also strong concern over China’s heavy involvement in DNA research and its possible misuse to create race and genetic specific biowarfare-weapons.Meanwhile, India has officially launched a probe into the nature of study carried out by scientists from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,America and China in Nagaland.

(The author is an Ophthalmologist based in Jammu and also contributes to Strategic affairs)

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