Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Mamata and Stalin have A Message For J&K

B L Saraf

The election results of four states and one Union Territory are out . Post election ripples are felt across. Somewhere they have manifested themselves in a violent form , somewhere they are felt within the party board rooms. Celebrations are over : introspection , wherever required, is presumably on . Mamata Bannerjee ,in West Bengal , has retained her political turf with added strength and Stain ,in Tamil Nadu, has regained it for his party, after a decade long cooling off period came to an end. Their political tenacity and perseverance have been remarkable but Mamata Didi stands miles apart . First , she had to contend with CPI(M) cadres who ,in their heyday , were known for the ruthlessness when it came to their dealing with the opponents and, in present times, she had to face might of the BJP and its formidable election fighting machinery . She withstood the pressure of Delhi Durbar which , apparently , was brought on to bear from various angles .

The mandate of Bengal ,Tamil Nadu and Kerala is undoubtedly a victory for federalism . And in the victory of Mamata and Stalin we see Indian federal structure reasserting itself , which of late has come under a considerable stress : with the focus being on “one nation one poll” and other allied slogans. Their victory at the hustings has demonstrated that determined political parties lead by the credible leaders , with a good ground connect , have enough space available in the Indian political echo system to coexist with the National Political Parties . We may see a more federated approach ,now.

Omar Abdullah and Miss Mehbooba Mufti have been rather profuse in felicitating Mamata Bannerjee and Stalin on their spectacular victories . These felicitations, usually, arise out of the demands of courtesy and political protocol . But Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have another reason to be to be too generous in felicitating TMC and DMK on their election wins . Because these parties , along with a few splinter groups in TN , stoutly came out in support of NC and PDP on 5th August 2019 and vociferously opposed dilution of Art 370 and abrogation of Art 35 A . Their support came at a time when many politicians and political parties in the opposition , including those who day in and day out swore by the federalism , buckled under the pressure of treasury benches and fell in line.

Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have much to learn from Miss Bannerjee’s persona and her politics . She has been the fighter and a full time political worker ever since she embarked on the road, as a youth activist in the Congress party .She fought her political battles on the streets of West Bengal and brazened it out with her sweat and blood . She had no dynastic lineage to have a head start or fall back upon . Even after being in the CM Chair for a decade Mamata Bannerjee has retained , fairly , an unblemished image which stood in good stead for her when game came to the crunch . Omar Abdullah and Miss Muti have had rather a pampered political history and a well established political dynasty to support . Omar Abdullah made , what in sports parlance is called , a Wild Card entry to the politics and assumed “senior “ prefix the day he joined politics . Here , it must be said in his favor that Omar Abdullah did credit himself fairly well when at the helm .

To be on social media is good for a politician but the Twitter can never be a substitute for a direct contact which a practicing politician must have with the people on ground , if he has to survive modern day ruff and tuff political life . The political structure in J &K is in utter disarray . Attempt to restructure it has not succeeded so far . Each region has a box full with grievances and unfulfilled expectations . Regional and sub –regional pulls and pressures are at work with no one knowing what direction they make take in future . Everything is complicated in Jammu and Kashmir. There is a growing apprehension that the social and political connect between the regions may suffer an irreparable rupture. Uncertainty , bordering on despondency looms large over the UT’s horizon . The deadly Carona virus has aggravated the situation. What adds to the worries is a prevailing perception that the political class ,across the board ,has let people down. If Omar Abdullah is sincere in felicitating Didi , which we believe he is , he must emulate her and come out of the comfort zone and be among the people on full time basis and respond to their woes. NC still has a pan UT constituency which the party must nurse with positive thought and a sincere action.

The recent state election results have thrown up a serious lesson for the Congress , in general and for Rahul Gandhi , in particular . The party and its incumbent leadership are virtually blown out of the race . Sad for the democracy it is , but the message is loud and clear that the Congress in its present shape and under its present leaders is incapable to inspire confidence of a common voter and is in no position to lead India . It is not that Narrandra Modi and Amit Shah are invincible – both can be thwarted in a political race . Mamata’s emphatic win and the results of local body election in UP have demonstrated it amply . But as the recent political developments reveal , the Congress doesn’t have the required leadership , strength of will and appetite to challenge them. Omar Abdullah who continues to be enamored of Rahul Gandhi must get the message right.

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge)

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