Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Importance of Union Minister’s visit in J&K

Karan Sat Sharma

Under the direct supervision of MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs), dozens of Union Ministers are likely to visit J&K in the upcoming days whose prime focus will be on penetrating the developmental agenda of Modi Government upto grass root level and for that the Government has also geared up for the exercise. Though this is not the first time that the PM led Central Government is sending its Ministers in UT for reviewing the overall situation, there is a positive opinion that crops up by the visits of various Ministers. Earlier also in 2020 January the visit of 36 Union Ministers was the first direct outreach program by the Union Government to the masses of Jammu and Kashmir.

As a part of Centre’s special outreach program nearly 70 ministers from PM’s council of Ministers will visit the Union Territory and will interact with the general public and there might be organizations as well which will be covered under this public outreach program. Nine week long Public outreach program-2 of the Central Government will directly target the public and it is expected that many positive outcomes will come out of it and such type of exercise never happened in J&K prior to 2014. This shows the seriousness of the Government and also explains its agenda of “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas”.

This is not just an exercise but a task to infuse a source of energy amongst the masses of J&K which indicates that no matter what happens, the Government stands with the public of Jammu and Kashmir and everything possible will be done to provide every adequate infrastructure to improve the lifestyle of masses. These visits of Union Ministers hold a significant role in boosting the importance of J&K globally. Feedback from ground level, implementation of various programs and schemes of Government at grass root level will be their primary agenda on which they will work. Still we need to understand that such a big exercise where almost every Minister of the Modi Government will be present in J&K to hear the grievances of the public is happening for the very first time and the public must become a part of it.

Whatever happened in the era of Article 370 is history now. People of J&K have become a part of change. Opposition parties who were working on mere hollow slogans could not even provide roof to the homeless, power (electricity) to the public even after more than 60 years of independence. In a press conference addressed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah a few days back, some factual revelations were made when he said that lakhs of families were without a Pucca roof on their house in J&K and almost the same number of families were also without electricity and their needs were fulfilled by the Modi Government. The facts he portrayed were unbelievable but they were true. Now let's imagine our lives without a house and electricity. No one can do that because that life will be as equal as hell. Then why did other political parties never gave a thought about that? Why only Modi developed those areas which were neglected by the previous Governments at the Centre? The Answer is very simple. You need to have a commitment to work for your people and I guess the PM is working on the same commitment.

The recent launch of a new web portal for registration of units under the new Central sector scheme for Jammu and Kashmir by Home Minister Amit Shah is another boom in the development aspect of J&K. After revocation of Article 370 and 35A , Centre aims to create a new horizon for the development of UT. The Government will provide financial assistance and subsidy for the already existing industry and also offers four incentives including Capital Investment incentive, Capital Interest subvention, Goods and Services Tax Linked Incentive (GSTLI) and Working Capital Interest Subvention. The Government now focuses on creating more than 10 lakh jobs through this area and many more things are in pipeline which will prove to be major assets for Jammu and Kashmir.

Now you can all yourself imagine that if such a big number of Ministers are visiting J&K, what will be their agenda and on what issues they will work on? The answer is simple. A “Naya Jammu-Kashmir” has been born after 5 August 2019 and for decades we all have been saying that J&K is the real pride of India and for people like PM Modi, pride is the foremost important thing and nothing can happen to J&K when such a leader is working for its betterment. PM is concerned for J&K and its people and to make J&K at par with other Metro cities and most developed States, Centre will work continuously till they make J&K amongst modern places of the world.

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