Sunday, December 5, 2021
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"22 % Unemployment Rise in J&K Under BJP Government": Sawhney
"Modi Government Promised 2 Crore Jobs, Instead Increased Unemployment Rate by 22% in J&K Alone" Sawhney

Jammu, November 25 (Scoop News)-The Congress party held another program continuing its Jan Jagran Abhiyan at Talab Tillo, Block No. 5. Chaired by Former Minister J&K Yogesh Sawhney General Secretary JKPCC Incharge District President Jammu (U), the program was organised by Block Congress Committee Block No. 5 by Sanjeev Sharma Block President Block 5. The gathering included district Congress leaders, congress party workers and locals. 'The Jan Jagran Campaign of the Congress party is a mass awareness and outreach programme to inform people and empower them with facts and truth about the real nature of BJP government's policies and practices that pose a great danger to India's economy, unity and democracy', the former Minister said about the event. The congressmen made the general public aware with the record breaking price rice reported under BJP’s regime and said that people will continue to suffer under them.

Senior leaders,Dr. Ramakant Khajuria, Rajiv Saraf, Pandit Vishavanath, Santosh Bhagat, Ramesh Koul, Ajay Kumar Bhagat, Bunty Dogra, Janak Raj Mehra, Vijay Sharma, Karanjot Singh, Prithvi Raj, Sohan Baghat, Manik Uppal, Rajesh Uppal, Farooq, Guddu, Sumit Sharma, Ganesh Sharma , darshan lal verma, harvinder mehta , harbajan singh and others were present at the event.

Criticizing the Modi-led government, Former Minister Yogesh Sawhney said that India is suffering hugely on multiple counts because of the ruthless policies of the government that do not care about common people and their troubles. Unemployment rates under this government have increased by 22 %> The Modi Government, he said, doesn't concern itself with the heart-wrenching and back-breaking conditions of our countrymen due to their actions and also lack of actions in some cases. He said that price rise is one of the biggest problems India is facing right now. Coupled with the meek condition of Indian economy after the pandemic and the consequent job losses and loss of livelihoods, the unprecedented and unreasonable price hike came down heavily on the middle class and poor. A huge percentage of population slipped under the poverty line and yet the government kept increasing the prices of petrol, diesel, natural gas, and other essential commodities like edible oil. Many people who had already incurred huge losses during the pandemic, lost their jobs, businesses and livelihoods were forced to dig into their savings for their survival, while many did not even have their savings to depend upon. He said that the people should not forget what they went through under the BJP government. Also, as all of this was happening, the government restrained from taking any constructive actions in relieving people from their burden and instead only passed blames to previous governments for the misery people were suffering today. The fact of the matter, though, was that under the UPA government people were pulled out of poverty and under the Modi Government people were pushed towards poverty.

He further added that a slight change in attitude of the BJP government is owed only to their recent loss in by-elections suffered by the BJP in some states. The fuel prices peaked throughout the year and transportation costs soared to an all time high. It was for the first time when the prices of petrol and diesel have touched the three digits mark. Consequently other prices were also affected. It is no secret that the BJP government extracts heavy taxes on fuel to maintain its own purse but it didn't back down even when the people of the country were suffering. The decision to lower excise duty came too little and too late and definitely because of wrong intentions. The government may also try to hide how it attempted to destroy the fabric of democracy in India, for example in undemocratically passing farm laws in the parliament, in attempting ruthless suppression of farmers' protests and many other instances, but the people should not be allowed to forget the horrors that followed. More than 700 farmers died because of this government's uncaring and exploitative attitude. The people should not and would not forget the atrocities the common man suffered due to the pandemic mismanagement, crippled economy, wrong decisions and how they desperately try to win people's support on judging the slightest hint of defeat by eye-washing them, he said.

Also speaking at the event, Sanjeev Sharma said that BJP had promised to bring inflation under control within hundred days of election. They had promised that the income of the farmers would double in their rule. They had also promised 2 crore jobs for the unemployed citizens of the country. But none of their promises were kept and no words were turned to actions. On the other hand, prices sky-rocketed, farmers died and had to step to the streets for their rights, and unemployment rates actually increased. Passing laws or formulating schemes did not translate into actual welfare of our citizens. Growth remained on paper while on ground the poor suffered miserably. Thus, it is very clear that it is extremely hard for the common man of India to trust a government that has proven such a big failure and was unable to accomplish nothing it promised. People have shown that they have recognised the true nature of BJP government's policies and how they are destroying India, he said.

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