Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Parliament has never acted effectively in the larger interest of the public


The parliament has never acted effectively in the larger interest of the public.It rather created space for the manipulation of elections, disfiguring its democratic face and took no action against paid or selected
parliamentarians. If we enlist legislation for public welfare or justice dispensation, it shows failure. It is now hostage to the vested interests of a few families and is run by electables. It is continuously drifting to the wrong side of history by failing in providing legislation for a “requisite social justice system”. It even failed to bring legislation for police reforms. Old colonial laws are still part of the legal system.There has been no proper review so far by successive parliaments to improve our governance and it looks more like a game between the government and opposition using the “give and take” formula to serve respective political ends by ignoring the interest of the common man. We need to review the parliamentary framework/rules of business for the Lok Sabha ,Rajya Sabha and States Assemblies for a more public-friendly and result-oriented outcome from the Parliament.It has become a common national question as to why our parliament has become ineffective when even the upper house I.e. The Rajya Sabhs has the same powers as the Lokh Sabha to have the right of say in all budgetary proposals.The parliament can play its active role to implement the rule of law and improve governance. The people of India are worried as our beloved country is passing through the worst crisis and the nation is witnessing political polarisation and bad governance within the institutions.
The parliament is failing to deliver and this parliament may go in history as a rubber stamp with hardly any initiative for the betterment of a common man. The state is in a state of utter confusion and the country is direction-less without adequate policies. The people need hope whereas the national future has been mortgaged before the IMF. Many present ministers are of the view on record that the government is helpless before mighty IMF and the west including FATF. Individual interests have taken over national interests in our present system. The country is being run on a day-to-day basis without solid long-term policies.
The state is utterly failing to protect the rights of a common man. Crises are on the increase with every passing day. The common man was expecting some relief for a long time but every successive government failed to come to their minimum expectations.The present ruling party had actually unrealistically raised the hopes of the public which were not possible due to a deteriorating economy, yet the people were made to believe in the bed of roses and built high hopes; they have seen their high hopes crushed. The parliament is meant to demonstrate more political maturity with a pragmatic and result-oriented approach for the sake of the country. This continued confusion, ineffective parliament and non-serious government might bring some serious and irreversible setbacks to the country.
We all have to think about how to set a doable path to steer the nation out of this crisis with national unity. The economy is sliding down with no sign of recovery, Foreign policy is already suffering because of our international isolation, the IMF and FATF are pushing us to be defaulters.Can this be discussed in the Parliament?While we are facing numerous internal and external challenges, the government seems to be confused and undecided.
The government is not coming up with an economic recovery plan and foreign policy to overcome the likely future setbacks. It must act wisely and should bring proposed plans before the parliament and ask for collective national wisdom on national policies. . The parliament must take up this increase in poverty rate seriously—ration card schemes can not feed the increasing number of growing hungry public. Bangladesh has become the role model of economic growth and its textile industries have grabbed the world market. Its poverty rate has gone down. Will the government ever order a study to identify the current and previous government’s mistakes and adopt a proper control system to halt this deteriorating situation by at least not repeating those mistakes again, which are creating negative statistical trends in our important national sectors?In fact some of the economic and administrative indicators show the inability of our past and present governments. We need to think seriously if the present system is a problem itself or if we are incompetent. We must also study some other viable way of governance. It is unfortunate that our authorities and political pundits either do not understand the meaning of a borrowed economy or deliberately prefer to adopt the easy path of loans to run governmental affairs, which has brought us to the present deep crisis.The state of confusion is widespread across the country due to incompetency, inability, non-nationalistic-approach, non-serious attitudes, no accountability and the immature attitude of the government and oppositions in the parliament. Why has the parliament not yet made legislation on price control? Why has the price commission not been empowered till today for stringent legal actions? It is unfortunate to note that nations do not survive with lip service and borrowed money; we need practical steps to give relief to the common man .We are very good in blame games on each other which is equally applicable on the government and opposition leaders. The joint sessions during the present term of parliamentarians have failed to come up with some relief. These sessions gave no benefit to the common man in terms of law or policies except TA/DAs for the parliamentarians and benefits to FATF and the IMF.A question arises; why are the defined democratic norms not being observed in parliament and who is responsible to mute the voice of Parliament? It has muted its voice on major national issues and no one but the parliament is responsible for it.The way forward for effective governance and the solution to resolve the crises is to proceed with the collective wisdom of the parliament, the government and other relevant stakeholders. The era of false egos should be buried and a new era of shared responsibility must prevail—political parties should worry about India and not increase their vote bank with false hopes and promises. Last but not least we need to work for India , nothing but India, to save it from the international vultures. Make the parliament effective to bring the rule of law and accountability according to the constitution of India.
Yours etc
Mool Raj
R /O Village Bhagota
Distt and Teh Doda

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