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Can smartphones affect quality sleep?

By Mool Raj

Smartphone is a blessing of science and technology and it has infinite number of Pros and cons. its upto an individual to reach its leavel of pro and Cons. The netizens should be self abnigated to know about the cons of techonology. Yes, I must say that these smartphones are good but have a great capacity to seduce or pervert the netizens from the right track. Modern Youth are using Smartphones rather than those phones which donot have ability to support internet.Hence For modern Youth Smartphones and cyber became alike oxygen and Blood.Infact Youth are feeling that they can Survive without food but cant survive without Cyber and Smartphone. Oh! Youth Its the need of the Hour only use smartphones for Advantages and donot Disturb ur sleep and health.

The more time you spend on your smartphone, the worse you’ll sleep, People in the study who used their smartphones for more time during the month-long study period got less sleep and were less likely to sleep well than those who spent less time on their phones, And people who used their smartphones right before bedtime took longer to fall asleep. Phones have been around since Alexander Graham Bell Invented the first telephone in 1876. It is only in the last several decades that a dramatic change has occurred, both in their function and role in our lives. No longer solely a way to speak with someone at a distance, modern phones have a variety of roles.

Mobile, cell, or smartphones are now fully integrated into our daily lives. These marvels of technology function as pocket- sized computers. With them, we can perform many activities necessary for modern living. It is possible to make phone calls, send text messages, map a route, surf the Internet, respond to emails, and interact via social media like Facebook
and Twitter. We can also play games and use apps to perform a stunning array of tasks. It should be no surprise that these functions may also have the potential to intrude upon our Sleep.

Many of these activities may prompt a compulsive desire to continue refreshing, checking, responding, reading, scrolling, posting, clicking, or playing. It feels good and there is a limitless opportunity for additional stimulation. It may be tough to stop and put the device away. This alone may lead to a delay in bedtime and reduced total sleep time. This may contribute to sleep deprivation if the needed hours of sleep to feel rested are not obtained. In addition, the stimulation may make it hard to shut down and fall asleep. The mind may be overly excited or activated.

In addition, the light from phone, tablet, or computer screens may impact the ability to fall asleep. Small amounts of artificial light from the screens may cause a delay in the circadian rhythm . This may be especially impactful on night owls with a naturally delayed sleep phase. If morning sunlight is not obtained to counteract these effects, insomnia and morning sleepiness may result.

When you curl up in bed each night, do you take your
smartphone with you? Most people do. It might seem like the Perfect opportunity to check your email, play a little Candy Crush, see what your friends are up to on social media or check tomorrow’s weather forecast.

A lot of research has been done on the effects of nighttime cell phone use, and it doesn’t look good. Your evening screen time can be jeopardizing your health and has been linked to some pretty serious health risks. The moment you prioritize your health and start to implement important life changes is the exact moment you earn your HealthHero status. You just have to take control. And in this case, it’s as simple as understanding why you should stop using your smartphone at night and making a few simple adjustments.

If you’re feeling down or mentally tired, your phone – which is Probably always on and in your hand – might be the problem. A new study has linked anxiety, severe depression, suicide attempts, and suicide with growing use of smartphones and other devices. The best way to counter this, experts say, is to work on your real relationships. As smart as phones may be these days, they simply don’t know when to quit. To protect your mental health, experts say you must develop ways of outsmarting them – and often that involves simply turning them off.

The blue light emitted from your personal electronic devices is Part of the full light spectrum. We’re exposed to it by the sun each day, but nighttime exposure to that same light (which is emitted at high levels by smartphones, tablets, laptops and other LED screens) may be damaging your vision. (Business Insider) Studies show that direct exposure to blue light can damage your retinas . The American Macular Degeneration Foundation warns that retinal damage caused by blue light could lead to macular degeneration , a condition that causes the loss of central vision. While it hasn’t been proven, there may also be a link between blue light exposure and cataracts. More research is needed, but this is another possible risk that can be lessened or avoided by putting your phone away each evening. If you can’t put the phone down at night, consider the Night.
Shift feature (iOS) or Twilight app (Andriod). Both adjust your screen colors to minimize blue light emissions to help protect Your eyes.

In addition to regulating your sleep cycle, melatonin is a powerful antioxidant essential to your body’s ability to naturally fight against cancer. When your melatonin levels are suppressed, your risk for cancer – and other ailments.

It increases Your risk of cancer. If your melatonin is disrupted for one night, it wouldn’t pose a serious threat. However, if you’re a chronic nighttime phone
user, you significantly increase your risk of cellular damage, increased inflammation, healthy immune function and disease.

I encourage you to tap into your power to take charge of your health and live your best life. Even small changes – as easy as the ones I hope you’ll read in my mentioned prescriptions can have a profound effect on your well-being. Be a HealthHero and make your nights cell phone free! These simple adjustments will help protect your health and put some of these risks to bed.

Prescription :
1. Shut your phone down at night. You’ll fall asleep faster, Sleep better and wake up more refreshed without the distracting beeps and vibrations throughout the night.
2.Keep your phone at least 3 feet away from your body. The greater the distance, the weaker the effects of electromagnetic radiation. If you use your phone as an
alarm, placing it farther away will protect your health and force you to get up to turn it off in the morning. So long, snooze button!

3.Check your phone only when you really need to. Don’t close yourself off from the world – and people – around you. Unless you have an immediate need to check something, Keep the phone at a distance and be present in your environment. Get lost in actual conversation. Make face-to- face connections. Enjoy the scenery. You’ll notice some pretty cool things when you look up and purposefully engage in your surroundings.
Make healthy living a part of every day.

The light in me honors the light in you. Thankyou
sum up : Sleep is Mother of Fresh Thoughts….

(The writer is a Lect.Govt.Hr.Sec.School
Khellani Doda,J&K)

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