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DLSA Srinagar, Vitasta Law College organize Awareness programme

Srinagar, May 26 (Scoop News)-The District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Srinagar, in collaboration with the Vitasta Law College, Srinagar through a comprehensive awareness program to educate, empower, and extend support to individuals affected by drug addiction has taken a significant stride towards combating the drug menace and providing legal services to victims of drug abuse.
In this connection, an event was held today under the guidance and supervision of Chairman DLSA, Srinagar Jawad Ahmed.
The event brought together legal experts, faculty members, educators, students, para legal volunteers and community leaders in an endeavour to shed light on the NALSA (National Legal Services Authority) Legal Services to the victims of drug abuse and eradication of Drug Menace Scheme 2015.
The awareness program commenced with an insightful address by resource persons of DLSA, Srinagar Naveed Gul, Mujtaba and Laila Khalid (Penal Lawyers of DLSA Srinagar), who emphasized the urgent need to combat the drug menace through a multi-faceted approach.
The speakers highlighted the role of legal services in providing assistance, rehabilitation, and protection to victims of drug abuse, reinforcing the importance of NALSA's scheme.
Resource persons of DLSA Srinagar emphasised that the support for victims of drug abuse goes beyond the realm of personal relationships and it requires collective efforts from government bodies, non-profit organizations, healthcare professionals, educators, law enforcement agencies, and the legal system.
It is vital to establish comprehensive support networks, where individuals battling addiction can find the necessary resources, counseling services, and legal aid to overcome their struggles.
Secretary DLSA Srinagar, Jahangir Ahmad Bakshi in his special address, expressed gratitude and appreciation for the partnership with Vitasta Law College in raising awareness about the menace of drug abuse.
He stated that through this collaboration, they aim to create a society that understands the legal rights and support available to victims of drug abuse. By providing legal services, he said they can offer a lifeline to those in need, helping them break free from the clutches of addiction.
He further emphasised on public awareness campaigns as the awareness of the public plays a pivotal role in challenging the stigma associated with drug abuse.
The event featured a series of interactive sessions and panel discussions aimed at equipping the participants with knowledge about the legal framework surrounding drug abuse, the rights of victims, and the available support systems.
Legal experts and practitioners specializing in drug-related cases provided valuable insights and guidance on the legal remedies and support available to those affected.
The Principal of Vitasta Law College, Rakib Ahmad Zia stated that the collaboration between DLSA Srinagar and Vitasta Law College exemplifies the power of education, awareness, and community engagement in addressing complex social issues such as drug abuse. It is hoped that the seeds of awareness planted during this program will grow, leading to a society where victims of drug abuse find solace, support, and access to legal services.
The awareness program concluded with a book release ceremony written by the Vice Principal of Vitasta Law College, Rakib Ahmad Zia titled “Indian Parliament”.
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