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Diwali, known as Sukhasuptika- Deepamala

By Satish Mahaldar

On 14th of November 2023 kartika Maasa started ,Bhagavan Vishnu always accorded high esteem and whatever good deeds are performed in this „Masa‟ are fully accepted by all the Devas since they are readily available there through out the month. The acts and endeavours of the devotees like „Snaan‟, „Daan‟,„Bhojan‟, „Vrath‟, „Til‟(Sesame Seeds), Dhenu (Cows), „Suvarna‟ (Gold),„Rajat‟ (Silver), „Bhumi‟ (Land), „Vastra‟(Clothing), Tapasya, Japa, Homa, Yagna, Annadaan, Puja with Tulasi leaves, Abhishek of Vishnu‟s Idol with Ganges and other holy river waters as also „Panchamrit‟ comprising milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar; „Shodasopacharas‟ to Deities, Veda- parayana, Purana Shravan, Bhajans, Deva Stutis, Visits to Temples, fasting, abstinence.

Lord Brahma affirmed that the fortnight from Kartika Krishna Trayodasi to the end of the month ie from Deepavali on the Amavasya of Aswayuja should be observed as Festival Days. The „Pradosha‟ time ofthat Trayodasi is the most significant time when Lord Yama is worshipped with „Deepas‟ at the maindoor of the residence and Naivedya to ensure that there would never be an

„Apamrutyu‟ or Akaala Mrithyu (premature and sudden death) in the family. Yama Raja would be pleased with the recitation of the Mantra after the worship: Mrityuna pasha dandaabhyaam Kaalena cha maya saha, Trayodashyam Deepa daanaath Suryajah Preeyathamiti [With this Deepa daan on Trayodashi, may Surya‟s son Yama be pleased without Mrityu (Death), Pasha (Yama‟s rope of death), Danda (Yama‟s stick) and „Kaal‟ (Death time)] Thereafter, on Kartika Amavasya morning, worship is to be performed to Devatas and at the Pradosha time of the same evening, strings of „Deepas‟ should be lit and Devi Lakshmi is worshipped saying: „Devi Lakshmi! We welcome You with „Deepa Jyoti‟ (the splendour of these Lamps) as You are the Symbol of Limitless Illumination; You are the representation of Surya, Chandra, Agni, and Gold (Prosperity); Do make Your residence as our own!‟ Thus the Kartika Krishna Paksha is the most auspicious fortnight praying for „Apamrityu‟ / Good Health to Yama raja and

Wealth for Devi Lakshmi ushering an era of happiness.If during the entire Kartik Month-or atleast „Pancha Rathras‟ (five nights), a devotee recites „Om Namo Narayanaya‟ as well as reads / hears „Vishnu Sahasranam‟ and „Gajendra Moksha Paatha‟, he secures freedom from want, disease, adversity and discontent. Most certainly, the austerities observed on Kartika Ekadashi day alone would ensure contentment in „Iham‟ (Current Life) and bliss in „Param‟ (Post Life). Each act of virtue on the most auspicious day of Kartika Ekadashi is bound to obtain a multiplier effect endlessly.

Refernce to Nilmat puran Abhinav Gupt composed Vartika as the very first verse of "Malini Vijaya". It is after installation of idol of Sarika {Sharika; Chakreshwari} at the place of installation of Sri Chakra, the place was called Sri Nagar {Place of Sri Chakra}. Sri Chakra, form of Shakti {Power}, is depicted in the form of a diagram representing a Chakra {Circular wheel of life} and is associated with Chakreshwari. Sri Chakra originates from one central point {Bindu} that represents the core of the whole cosmos; 3 circles around it and 4 gates to enter, 43 triangles and lotuses vibrate from the very basic central point that represents the core {Bindu} depicting the form of Mahadevi. It has 6 triangles representing Shat-Dal {Six forms/Goddesses; Saraswati, Lakshmi, Gauri, Ashtadashbujaye, Ashtabujaye, Dashannanaye} and 18 angles representing Ashtadash Bujas {18 Arms} of Devi respectively. Nilmat Puranam Verse 1051-53 refers to various deities including Cakresvari {Cakre {Chakra; Wheel}; Svari {Shewari; Feminine, generally for goddess}; closer to name of Sri Chakra} thus translated; “ By a sight of the goddess Bhima, one gets the best wealth and by seeing the goddess Kapinjali, the goddess Suresvari. {The Goddesses} Bhadresvari, Gautamesi, the goddess Kalasila, {the goddess} named Udyogasri, (the Goddesses) Gavaksi, Candika, Durga, Gauri, Suvijaya, Sakuni Brahmacarini and Cakresvari, one gets one' s desire fulfilled”. This reference to Cakresvari {Chakreshwari} refers to Vishnu’s, the bearer of Chakra, consort and her Vaishnavite form {Sri or Lakshmi}, as Cakrin in the scripture refers to Vishnu. Next Verse 1054 of Nilmat Puranam refers to Cakrasvami {Vishnu} thus {Translated}; “After seeing near Cakrasvami {Vishnu?}, the goddess sitting in the lap of Hara, one is freed from all the sins and is honored in the world of Rudra”. Kalhan in his Rajatarangini Verse 354 Book.

Important To follow.

The Kashmiri text mentions about a festival by the name of Deepamala, also known as Sukhasuptika. It was celebrated on the same night of the lunar calendar as Diwali is celebrated now. According to Nilamata Purana, on the new moon night- Amavasya- in the month of Kartik, devotees should worship goddess Lakshmi every day placing earthen lamps at places visited , outside your main house door resided by them. After the prayer rituals, people should sit with their family and friends for dinner. The devotees Need to drown ( visarjan ) of earthen Lamp after next day of Kartika punim.

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