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Chuni lambasts hypocrisy of Govt on PoJK issue, DPs

Jammu, February 10 (Scoop News)- Hailing the landmark decision by the High Court concerning the rights of 5300 families of PoJK refugees residing outside Jammu and Kashmir UT and terming the judgement as a significant victory marking a pivotal moment in the fight for justice for these displaced individuals, Chairman of SOS International Rajiv Chuni in the presence of Prof. N N Sharma, V K Datta, Ved Raj Bali, Jagjit Singh, Daleep Singh Chib and Satinder Dev Gupta has lambasted the Government for its hypocrisy in exploiting the PoJK issue for political gains but neglecting the DPs.

"This historical decision by the High Court is a resounding slap on the face of the double-engine government of BJP at Centre and Jammu Kashmir, which callously denied these destitute refugees their legitimate rights," he said while addressing a press conference, here today.

Pointing out that the petition, filed by SOS International-An Organization for PoJK Displaced Persons, was led by Adv. Rajesh Kumar Basandi, Rajiv Chuni underscored the tireless efforts of the community in seeking justice. He emphasized the personal sacrifice and dedication of Mr. Basandi, who fought the case at his own expense to uphold the rights of his entire community.

"If the government had not denied our legitimate rights, we would not have been forced to endure a seven-year legal battle," Chuni lamented.

He pointed out the government's hypocrisy in exploiting the PoK issue for political gain while neglecting the plight of those displaced from the region. "The present double-engine government has systematically stripped us of our constitutional rights – from the right to live and own land, to access education, obtain ST status, secure employment, and participate in political processes," Chuni asserted and added that the prolonged legal battle endured by the 5300 PoJK DPs families settled outside J&K serves as a damning indictment of the government's indifference and negligence.

"Shame on such a useless double-engine government," Chuni declared, condemning their failure to address the grievances of the displaced community.

Quoting Advocate Basandi, Rajiv Chuni said that instead of helping the Displaced community, the Central as well as J&K Government opposed the SOS petition for justice tooth and nail. However, he added, the High Court took cognizance of our plea and provided us the justice.

Chuni also warned against attempts to mislead the community regarding the government's role in the verdict. "Some individuals may try to portray this decision as a success of the double-engine government, but the truth remains that successive governments, including the present one, have consistently failed our community," he cautioned.

He urged individuals to scrutinize the government's stance documented in the case records, emphasizing the need to confront the reality of systemic neglect and injustice. "Do not allow your selves to be deceived by those who have already betrayed our community time and again," Chuni urged, calling for unity in the pursuit of justice.

Rajiv Chuni reiterated SOS International's unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of PoJK refugees, reaffirming their determination to hold the government accountable for its actions.
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