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Confederation of Dalit OBC Minority celebrates Buddha Purnima

Jammu, May 23 (Scoop News)-All India Confederation of SC/ST/OBC & Minority Organisations J&K observed Buddha Purnima today at MIRANSAHIB Jammu. People from all walks of life joined to pay their homage to Lord Buddha showering flowers.

RK Kalsotra , State President Confederation, extended his heartiest greeted to the masses on the eve of Buddha Purnima and said that Dr BR Ambedkar was a pioneer when it comes to revival of Buddhism in India. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar saw Buddhism as a means of empowerment and annihilation of the caste system, which had oppressed the depressed and backward sects for centuries. He thought of transforming the social fabric of Indian society from Bahiskrit Bharat to Prabuddha Bharat. His tireless efforts towards creating a society that is free from discrimination and prejudice through the notion of a welfare state as envisioned in the directive principles of state policies within the Indian Constitution continue to inspire us all. Kalsotra further said Buddha’s philosophy was
“Don't accept something just because it is accepted, don't accept it just because it has been traditional and believed for generations, don't accept it just because it has been said that way by many, don't accept it just because Do not accept the fact that some scripture inspired by a sage has been presented in proof of this, just because it is in accordance with our opinion and nature, do not accept it just because the person saying it is our Guru and is revered. Know and test yourself from your own experience that this thing is logical, and at the same time it is beneficial for the whole world, only then accept it, and live your life accordingly.”

Darshan Banmotra Teh President R S Pura said this year let us honour Lord Buddha’s legacy and take a pledge by embracing the morals and values of the scientific and theological temperament of the Tathagata, which emphasise the importance of compassion, madhyam marga, and mindfulness.

He also added that these values should be inculcated in one’s daily life through “Atta deepo bhava” meaning 'be a light unto yourself'. This is the righteous path to move on and look ahead for a brighter tomorrow for being and becoming a Vishwaguru. The influence of Buddhism can be seen in Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s drafting of the Indian Constitution to enable social justice for all.

De Sameer Ch President National SC ST OBC Students & Youth Front(NSYF) said that Buddha became an inspiration for Dr BR Ambedkar for writing the Constitution of India and many such ideals were included in it like equality, brotherhood, among other virtues. He also added that Lord Buddha highlighted the importance of peace in the world and considering how things are in turmoil, such issues should be addressed through the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Bahadur Lal Ex Sarpanch added that there are increasing cases of violence today, be it on the basic of caste, creed, gender or religion. Lord Buddha taught us that non-violence should be the way of life and thus, such teachings should be incorporated by all.

Tilak Raj said that Buddhism is one such religion that promotes prosperity and progressiveness. It also focus on the importance of self and mind and not on rituals that promote hierarchy in the society. Thus, the message of ‘apna depak Khud Bano’ becomes an important one in today’s time.

Others prominent who present included Ramesh Chander, Baba Ram Pandit Mohan Lal, Ashwani Kumar, Naresh Kanth and many others

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