Sunday, June 24, 2018
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The Charge

By Dr. Nirmal Kamal

Past over two years kept people of the country engrossed with protests against chronic maladies of corruption, high price making a life strenuous, insensitive government aloof from the responsibilities towards common public, inaccessible ruling club of leaders enjoying unbridled unguaranteed trust on their henchmen, executors of law unleashing brutal force on protestors everywhere in the country just to serve their me-lords in the ruling government. The opposition understanding the situation raised pro-people issues. But the efforts were made to dilute such attempts under the fear-psychosis lest the opposition would take political mileage.

So there were charges and counter charges made by the political players in power, alliance partners and new entrants in political arena. The charges remained individual centric creating unavoidable dents and scratches over here and there resulting BJP slipping in HP and Congress faced bounces in Gujrat. Congress charged Narendra Modi failing in providing basic essentials to the people of Gujrat, proved a blatant lie the Congress Supremo echoed in parrot like speech. Congress Prez directed the partymen to remain offensive. Eventually the government directed guns (CBI) against anyone opposing Congress and continued fiddling with the much hyped pro-people policies mis-matching the results, in the name of economic reforms by raising diesel, petrol and LPG prices, passing FDI in retail against the desires of people. People on the streets louded their concern on policy design (LPG capping and FDI in retail) vehemently declared pro-people by the ruling class. Arguments in defence often were made as these polices when implemented will benefit people, reduce prices, remove middlemen-all far from reality.

Functioning will nepotism in utmost undesirable manner is infallible charge against UPA-II which promulgated in roads building character non-suitable to the Nation Building. How can a very few having no link to the masses, protected by high security, reportedly and evidently apathetic to masses can decide the fate of millions. Their concerns remain continue to building “Malls” within and outside the country, electronic projects, PIL investments and other business concerns rather than requirements of the masses. Declaring Rs. 22 to Rs. 26 sufficient amount to support a life per day or Rs. 600 per month for an aam adami when these Doon, Oxford, St. Stephan Graduates do not waste a second spending lacs on VIP toileting is a prove that India is rudderless .

As if their was not enough, with fructuous decisions, the ruling elite came out with fresh charge of “Hindu terror” condemnable from all angles. There pseudo secular have forgotten that this is “Hinduism” which has given them right to analytical enriching the centuries old Hindu way of life. Hinduism in not a terror but a philosophy paving an ideal way of life (read writings of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan India’s Ex-President). Comically, whole declaring Hindu terrorism (non-existent) Shinde received applauds from Hafiz Sayeed and all chosen colleagues juut to remain in good books of Sonia Gandhi. Congress Prez on the contrary, was desperate to join Saints / Seers at Maha Kumbh as an effort to neutralize her boy’s follies. Remember after taking over reigns of Congress party, Sonia Gandhi had sought blessings of Shri Shankaracharya, the highest spiritual Peeth of Hinduism. The pseudo secularists appeared more loyal than the king by harping on “Hindu terror” or “Saffron terror” least realising that Shinde’s remark have reunited majority Hindus within their heart and would like Narendra Modi in the centre.
Shinde and the likes should understand that Hinduism is a way of life not a cast it embraces values of humanism, spiritual, redemption, disciplined life insisting on wholeness and harmony. Hinduism allow liberty to criticize it own laid down principles and ideals. Substitute to Hinduism like naturalistic atheism, agnosticism, scepticism, despotism remain pausing phases of religion. Hinduism in a vital religion-a philosophy which keep on reconstructing the basis of convictions devising a scheme of life which men can follow with self respect and joy. Shri Bhagwat Geeta remain guiding spirit of political advisory (dialogues between Lord Krishna and Arjuna at Kurukshetra) requires badly to be read by likes of Shinde. What the country has is crime based terror without any colour and caste. Home Minister of the country in deliberating giving it a colour against the principles of democracy and E-governance generating hate against Hinduism. One can take action against Owais and or any other for hate speech but who will arrest HM for such a crime?

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