Sunday, August 24, 2014
Stories Untold, Mysteries Unfold-Re-discovering Kargil’s Forgotten Past
By Muzammil Hussain Munshi “If the place is not recognised It is from where the whole land is seen” -The Gesar Saga For those who have lived through an extensively televised Kargil war, perhaps still think of it is a garrison town. History cannot be persuaded to forget its best and worst. And maybe, rightly so. But it can stagnate and stink to the point that a time-freeze envelops and obscures its very subject and place-names themselves become mnemonic references for the event. In a broadcast age when News can become a history, the dange...

Contours of Sham Lal Sharma’s bombshell
By Yash Bhasin The outspoken Congress leader and a party minister in NC-Congress coalition government, Sham Lal Sharma has thrown still another bombshell by asserting that the next Chief Minister of J&K should be a Hindu. He has dared to say in unequivocal terms, what no other political leader from the mainstream parties in J&K as well as in the country including the BJP have dared to say in so unequivocal terms. Speaking at a party rally in his home constituency Akhnoor, held to pay tributes to the assassinated Congress leader and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, on his birth day.This statement of Sham Lal Sharma is all set to kick start high level controversy and also give ...

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