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Will 2014 results be turning point in Indian democracy

By Yudhvir Sethi

2014 Lok Sabha elections will be remembered as most important atleast for the first half of this century. In 2014, India will be 67 years old democratic country still very young and tender but has managed to maintain democracy since Independence. It seems both the BJP and Congress have their fair share of challenges in the run-up battle of 2014. Will it be one to one direct contest between BJP and Congress or a third unforeseen front will again emerge? .

Congress had an emphatic victory in 2009 in Lok Sabha elections and again returned to power at the centre. We saw the Congress on its own got 145 seats but with the help of its allies it has been ruling with the majority. On the other hand, Bharatiya Janta Party, with 138 seats, stood second as a strong main opposition party. Now these two national players have to add up in their numbers to get edge over other to rule for next inning in centre.

If we analyse the term of UPA, it can be concluded that it has been marred with controversies and unearthing of large scale corruption cases. Starting with Commonwealth Games scam, every few months the nation witnessed a new scam coming out like Adarsh Housing Society scam and the biggest of all, the 2G Scam, coal scam and so on. The list has been going up with the passing of time. The latest in this series has been the Helicopter purchase scam. The prices of almost all the fuel items and other essential commodities have registered manifold increase during the past few years, thus directly hitting a coomon citizen and adding more problems.

The crusade against black money and corruption by Anna Hazare will be the one of the factor which has left a mark in the minds of the countrymen and it may be assumed that a common citizen today has realised very well that repetition of Congress will only encourage the corrupt elements besides making the essential items go out of the reach of a common man in the country.

To some extent, Baba Ramdev also played a very positive role in making the people across the country to get informed about the corrupt practices of the Congress-led UPA. It has increased the worries of the Congress and it has been finding it difficult to deny the fact that “Corruption has been all time high during its rule as UPA-1 and now UPA-2. Its failure to bring and enact a strong Lokpal Bill to satisfy masses too has indicated that it was never and will be never honest in curbing corruption from the administration.

But it is also well known that the Congress is shrewd and master to befool and mislead the voters during campaigning. They know that offense is the best way to defend. For every scam or corruption news that comes out, they bounce back with equally controversial news against rival parties. But the present day strong opposition parties will not let such powerful ammunition slip out of their hands and most certainly keep the issues of corruption burning till the general elections. The projection of Rahul Gandhi by desperate Congress leadership, as a Prime Ministerial candidate, who has not yet proved any political sense, may not help them in their campaign build up to 2014 polls.

Moreover, the graph among youth throughout the country has also been going against new generation of Gandhi Parivaar. Even Priyanka Vadra has failed in Uttar Pradesh, which had been the most safe constituency for their family right from the days of Nehru and Indira Gandi. With failure of the ‘young’ Gandhi to garner votes in Bihar,Tamil Nadu, where he played the role of a main planner, also proved that plans of Rahul Gandhi got dashed with people outrightly rejecting his pleasing appeals. What happened in Gujarat was also no different, where they made every effort to project Rahul as the only tallest leader and healthy competitor against Narendra Modi.

After going through all these developments and mindset of the people, it can be assumed that NDA may be the only option with voters. The people still remember that there was no price rise, no corruption, no black marketing during BJP-led NDA rule. This period was called Golden Age and the people now want to see it again as they have witnessed development, strong will in the leadership and commitment towards nation.

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