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Letter about Report - 3 on VOI
To the Editor

Dear Veterans and All

Subsequent to my Reports 1 & 2 on ‘Veterans of India’ (VOI) your
goodness shall be further pleased to know that I had a very fruitful
meeting with Veteran Colonel Kirodi Singh Baisla (of Pilupura fame) on
March, 6 at Hindaun (Karauli) with following results:-

(1)- On coming from my present place of residence Bengluru (Karnataka)
for a meeting with Veterans Major General Ashok Coomar and Major
Prabhakar Singh at Bhopal on February 4, 2013 where it was decided
that Human Rights NGO – ‘Veterans of India’ (VOI) [which is primarily
being launched for solving three gory chronic immense problems of
Kashmir (and of Displaced Kashmiri Pundits, the DKP), illegal
immigrants in North – East and Naxalite terrorism] should be
registered with at least 500 members by middle of March 2013 (revised
time) and for this I should visit various places in India for
membership drive.

(2)- For this purpose I have had few meetings in middle of February
with Veterans of Karauli District of Rajasthan (Colonel Baisla,
Colonel Kripal Singh, Captain Bhim Singh and others), where they
encouragingly assured VOI that at least 1,000 Veterans (retired
members of Military and para - Military Forces) shall be enrolled in
VOI from Karauli District alone at the time of registration and I
should further contact Veterans of Districts around Karauli and around
Delhi. Hence I have posted Report 2 on VOI & Draft of VOI Constitution
to veterans of 125 such Districts of Rajasthan, M.P., U.P, Haryana,
Punjab, J&K, H.P., U.Kh., before I meet them personally.

(3)- Meanwhile in order to promote the idea of VOI, I had attended two
days Nation-Building Meet at New Delhi on March 2 & 3 (with Justice D.
S. Tewatia as Chair Person and Proffessor Varun Arya as Convener)
which was attended by around 175 well-meaning leading citizens of our
country including Baba Ramdev and also those who are or have been in
leadership positions in the government, judiciary, armed forces,
bureaucracy, voluntary sector, media, corporate sector and education
from all over India and abroad.

(4)- From third week of March the website of VOI also shall be
launched and enrollment of VOI members from other parts of India shall
also commence formally through this website too.

(5)- Meanwhile I have received invitation from Dr Kumar Arun to
attend a meeting in the presence of ex – Army Chief Gen VK Singh (VKS)
which I shall be attending on March, 8 at Mosaic Hotel Sector – 18,
NOIDA from 1100 to 1300 Hrs.

(6)- After my said March, 6 meeting, Colonel Baisla asked me to
convey his respect & regards to Chief (Gen VKS) on meeting him on
March, 8 and further asked me to assure Chief on his behalf that if he
(Gen VKS) takes the command of the execution of the program of VOI in
J&K then [subject to the time available to him (Colonel Baisla) after
he discharges responsibilities (mainly related to court cases) of
reservation movement which he has been leading for the last almost one
decade and which we all know will take very small of his time and that
will leave Colonel Baisla with ample time to devote to VOI programs]
Colonel Baisla shall go all-out and will see to it that not only
50,000 members of VOI and other are there at Jantar-Mantar in later
half of April 2013, but also 1 million members of VOI and other are
there at Pathankot-Camp before they enter J&K to rehabilitate hundreds
of thousands of DKP in Kashmir.

(7)- Here it is in context to add that as per program, in second half
of April 2013 a public meeting / demonstration of at-least 50,000 VOI
members and others shall be arranged at Delhi (preferably at Jantar –
Mantar) where VOI members from other parts of India shall be invited
and this public meeting will be addressed by Veterans (including
senior officers of Military and para – Military Forces from across
India). In this public meeting organizations of DKP and Hindu
organizations like VHP / Bajrangdal, Baba Ramdev etc (on who’s request
rehabilitation of DKP shall be taken up) and pro – human rights
leaders from other religions (Islam etc) and anti – terror NGOs shall
also be invited to participate and their leaders on dais in this
public meeting.

(8)- In this year summer itself, VOI will strive to send [by ~ 20
Kilometers per day pedestrial (‘Paidal’) march from said Jantar –
Mantar demonstration], the protector-companion members of VOI who will
grow to 1 million (including DKP) during this one month march (from
Delhi up-to Pathankot before entering Kashmir by crossing J& K
border) for the rehabilitation of DKP and then VOI will send 1 million
members of VOI in N-E and 2 million members of VOI in Naxalite
infested areas.

(9)- In VOI / DKP one month long said procession (‘Paidal March’) only
that much maximum number of ‘Paidal-Yatri’ shall be allowed to remain
in the procession as administration of the en-route Districts shall
allow. The remaining shall be required to reach at Pathankot-Camp
(which will be set-up with the permission of District administration
of Pathankot) where they shall wait till this procession reaches over
there where 1 million members of VOI (including DKP) shall camp at
river bank before crossing border of J&K (with the permission of
administration of relevant Districts of J&K) in order to rehabilitate
DKP in Kashmir valley.

(10)- Again, it is our humble request that only those Veterans should
become the members of VOI who believe that till their last breath and
last drop of blood (even during retirement) they shall protect the
sovereignty and honor & respect of Military and Para – Military
Forces of India. Those Veterans who think that they joined the armed
services merely to take salaries and pensions from Government of India
may kindly excuse us and need not become member of VOI.

(11)- Moreover only those Veterans should become member of VOI who
believe that though expenses for solving three gory massive problems
[of Kashmir (and of DKP), illegal immigrants in N-E etc and Naxalite
Terrorism] shall be born by the victims of these problems and by
Governments of India and of concerned States and by socio – religious
organizations, but the expenses of running VOI shall be born by its
members only, through monthly membership contribution and other
contributions to VOI.

(12)- It is hoped that on March 8, 2013 (when I shall present the said
offer of Colonel Baisla to Gen VKS during meeting at NOIDA) Gen VKS
will kindly accept this offer and will take the command of the above
mentioned program of VOI first to rehabilitate hundreds of thousand of
DKP in Kashmir (and then subsequent programs in N-E and in Naxalite
terrorism infested areas) so that in the interests of securing the
human rights of millions of victims, the martial deficiency of Indian
State can be rectified.


Hem Raj Jain

A-3, Mahavirdham, Shri Mahavirji, 322220 District Karauli, Rajasthan,
Mo:- 09694496012

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Editor, Scoop News
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