Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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"Mission Sinha - Good luck to it"

By B L Saraf

Former external affairs minister and BJP leader Yashwant Sinha lead delegation of ‘ civil society members from Delhi’ is on second visit to the Valley , to assess the ground situation that has developed in the wake of summer violent unrest , triggered by the death of militant commander, Burhan Wani and find a way out of the imbroglio . The delegation had been to Kashmir in the month of October , close on the heels of a visit undertaken by an official delegationled by the Union Home Minister , Rajnath Singh to see that , in Kashmir , violence comes to an end .

Talking to the media in Srinagar Yaswant Sinha , describing himself and other members of his delegation as a “ group of concerned citizens “ , said “ Our main agenda is to take the agenda of Vajpayee ji about Kashmir forward . When I was a minister, I was having knowledge about Kashmir , on that basis we are trying to work . The Kashmir issue can be resolved only by talks not by violence . But all sects, stake holders should be ready for talks , we are working for it .”

We believe Sinha Sahib is aware that PM Narrandra Modi is also advocating the Vajpayee line to settle the Kashmir issue . For PDP and C M Miss Mehbooba Vajpayee’s “ Insaaniyat , Jamhooriyat and Kashmiryat “ is the standard formula which she would love to apply to resolve the issue . Are Hurriyat leaders and their sympathizers here and the promoters , elsewhere , ready to accord respect to this formula ? Even in its author’s ruling period notable persons in the separatists camp rejected it and , on the available indications , even now they may not buy the line . Things seem to have traveled beyond them . We get the feeling that ,though , separatists would like to give some relief to their “captive followers “ from the long ordeal and want to have a semblance of normalcy in their day today lives, yet they are unable to do so . Somebody is ‘over ruling them . For the concerned citizens ‘ a reality check of the ground situation is called for . It is no time to indulge in make believe .It won’t pay anyone to conjure up a picture which is far removed from the reality.

There seems to be no end to the miseries of Kashmiris. When people are hoping to get some respite from the tyranny of Hartaal calendar , Farooq Abdullah has queered the pitch by hitch hiking to the Hurriyat bandwagon . He has exhorted the separatist to go on with their ‘ death wish’ extending his and N C’s support to the’ right cause’ . Is Farooq Abdullah on the same path which late Mufti Sahib treaded to climb to the CM Gaddi .? He should recall how his party accused latter of being‘ a soft separatist ‘. Are we seeing a role reversal ? Farooq Abdullah has put forth a lop sided argument to justify his posture by relying on the PDP – BJP agenda of alliance , which calls for a dialogue with the separatists . Having talks with the Hurriyat is a desirable thing . But to adopt their agenda of Azadi is entirely a different matter, and goes against all that N C stood for .

Farooq Sahib must know that the mainstream political parties are, fast, losing ground in Kashmir . His statement would further erode their credibility and embolden the merchants of death and destruction . J &K state is sitting on powder keg . Any false move would trigger a disaster .To be a practitioner of power politics may work upto a point , beyond that it becomes counter-productive . We have the experience of it having been so . Srinagar and Anantnag Parliamentary seats are there for any politician to desire . Even a covetous look on them can be a legitimate political exercise . But to resort to the path which Dr Abdullah and NC have , rightly , shunned thus far would , indeed , be a travesty which will haunt them soon . PDP is counting the chicken which have come home to roost on its espousal of the separatist’s agenda , in run up to the seat of power .

If Sinha mission is to achieve anything it will have to probe the minds – a bit deeper – of its interlocutors sitting on the opposite bench . Onus for the resolution of Kashmir issue is as much on them as it could be on the parties occupying the nationalist bench . Both sides should contribute to the understanding of “ ground realities .” PDP –BJP ruling alliance may help them by delivering on the promise of good governance and not indulge in politicking on simple administrative matters.

There is , however , one irrefutable reality which stems from the seed sown in the geographical domain , laid over by the events of 1947 . That is the J &K’s accession to the Indian Dominion – as it was called then in partition jargon of the sub- continent .
Yashwant Sinha delegation would succeed , only , if it recognizes that there are other ‘ stake holders ‘ like Pandits and residents of Jammu who , also , need to be taken into the confidence . Otherwise , the mission will be doomed as earlier like ones were . Then ,there are many groups of ‘ concerned citizens “ , spread across the communities, living in Jammu and Kashmir , who are eager to contribute their bit to rebuild the State’s ruptured socio- political fabric . May not in tandem , but certainly on the parallels- the inter-community interaction of the local civil society members would add value to the mission and supplement the good work undertaken by the “ concerned citizens from Delhi ” Good luck to the mission.

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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