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Tale Of Two Speeches

By By B L Saraf

Audience in Kennedy School of Business and Government at Harvard University , Boston , heard speeches of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Omar Abdullah, on the Kashmir issue , which reverberates throughout the Sub – Continent and , without doubt , touches heart and soul of the millions . Mirwaiz spoke on the predicted lines , alluding , approvingly , to the four- point agenda of Vajpayee and Musharraf era of 2004 . Not wholly subscribing to his view, one must give credit to Umar Farooq for standing consistent on the issue .

That perhaps can’t be said of Ex C M , Omar Abdullah . He spoke true to NC’s pattern when in opposition, articulating things , vociferously , which they would prefer to skirt when in power . He said “ The issue in Kashmir is inherently one of a political nature and required a broad based and credible political approach based on tenets of empathy and statesmanship . ……..Trade , development through administrative mechanisms can’t replace a lasting political solution to the Kashmir issue .”

Omar Abdullah has a point when he says India and Pakistan owed Kashmiris a “ credible peace that would result in sustainable solution of Kashmir issue .” Well , that could be said , in particular , of Kashmir Centric mainstream Political Parties , also . They have an equal share of debt to discharge towards the Kashmiris .The best they can do is to have some consistency in the stand , while alternating between the Treasury and Opposition Benches . Post – government ‘wisdom’ does no good to a person , except making him sound hallow . Experience has shown us that these mainstream politicians , when in power , spend time and energy in exercising permutations and calculations aimed at bare survival , to enjoy power and pelf .

Double – speak has become a ‘norm ‘ for the politicians . They have a readymade explanation for every political and administrative excess committed when in power ; and have no qualms to debunk the same once out of power . We hear mainstream politicians of Kashmir talking of “ alienation of Kashmiris ” only when they themselves get “alienated from the seat of power” . Then , overnight their hearts start to bleed .

Former CM has been saying that Elections held for the legislative and the Panchayat bodies in J&K are just to solve Bijli , Sadak and Panni issues and have nothing to do with the resolution of “ K “ issue . Remember , NC has been contesting every election held in the State since 1996 ,and has ruled the State for a better part of last 21 years . Question could be asked to EX C M why didn’t he and his Party utilize the opportunity to make some movement towards solving the ‘ Political Issue “. True , NC came up with a ‘ Autonomy Resolution “ in the State Assembly . Would that solve the problem ? Assuming that GOI accepts the resolution , can Omar Abdullah dare say that “ K “ issue stood resolved and ‘ sustainable peace ‘ has set in the Valley ?

Omar Abdullah understands that the political forces in the Valley and across the LOC , who champion the “ Core Issue “ , will never feel satisfied even if he succeeds in strengthening the Article 370 or other allied provisions of Constitution of India , relating to J&K . He could be fair to himself and the people to articulate so when in occupancy of the CM Chair or after having relinquished the tenancy and try to address it ; of course , within his known position . Being wedded to the nationalistic cause and committed to the permanency of State – Centre relations , we appreciate Omar Abdullah’s predicament . But , having some capability to usher in a durable peace , EX CM could serve the people and look authentic , if he utilizes the opportunities - he has or will get - either in power or out of it . May be ,providing good governance when his time comes , could be of some help .

Mirwaiz told the American audience about the unrest of 2008 and 2010 when , according to him , human right violations were committed by the State . In 2010 Omar Abdullah was at the helm of affairs in J&K . He should have provided some answer to this statement .

A humble word for Mirwaiz Saheb . Task is cut out for him to relieve Kashmiris of the ordeal . He has endorsed Musharraf’s 4 point formula which , incidentally , stands rejected by some of his notable colleagues in the Hurriyat . He owes it to himself and to the beleaguered populace to bring them , particularly , Syed Ali Shah Geelani round his view . Surely , he has the stature to succeed . Ameen !

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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