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Mehbooba ‘ Fulminates ‘

By B L Saraf

While defending Article 35 A of the Indian Constitution , CM Mehbooba Mufti warned in a seminar “ Understanding Kashmir “ , organized in New Delhi by the Bureau of Research on Industry & Economic Fundamentals ( BRIEF ) : “ Any tinkering with Article 35 A won’t be acceptable . I won’t hesitate in saying that no body will even carry corpse of National Flag in Kashmir if Article 35A is scrapped . Let one make it very clear .”

Desirably , the statement should have been couched in a better phraseology . Nonetheless , in spirit , it sounds unexceptional . She is right in saying that abrogation of Article will not affect the separatist because they never believed in the Indian Constitution . “ It will weaken the nationalist forces in Kashmir like her who have accepted India”.

Undoubtedly , Kashmir has acceded to India, in 1947 , as other states did . But it is the burden of history that J&K’s de-facto relation with the Union was founded on a principle that State will enjoy certain degree of autonomy within the Indian Union . Articles 370 and 35 A are indicative of that arrangement . Of late , they have come under a renewed judicial challenge , though political assault on them had never abated . It is moot whether the latest judicial challenge would survive , given the fact that Constitutionality of these special provisions has received Judicial imprimatur from the highest Court of the land long back , with latest reiteration thereof in the SARFASI case .

What Mebooba Mufti has said is statement of the fact . Agenda of Alliance - corner stone of PDP / BJP sate government - should support her contention . There is impending need to guard whatever is left of the State’s autonomy . More federating States demand some amount of autonomy and devolution of powers to run their affairs . In face of Article 371 ( guaranteeing certain special consideration to the North –Eastern States ) how come the preceding Art 370 has turned a villain . ‘ Super integrationist ‘ argue that J &K has derived no tangible benefit from this special provision . The must know that in political arena everything is not weighed in tangible terms . This Constitutional provision is aimed at emotional and psychological feelings of a large section of the State’s population and cares for their sensitivities . It acts as solemn guarantee that J&K is not totally lost in the vast Indian landscape . Well , the point can be debated another time . But one thing is certain that given the geopolitical nature of the issue and circumstances in which J &K acceded to India merit in having this Article in the Union Constitution far outweigh its deletion .

We hope the issue is will be debated in the Court in its entirety , shorn off emotional and hyper – nationalistic ranting.

We wonder what the “ hyper – nationalist “ have to say to the Karnataka Chief Minister who is on rampage to erase all signs of Indian nationhood visible , in the shape of Hindi language , on the Central Government institutions in his state . Sidaramaiah wants a separate Flag for Karnataka . He didn’t stop at there : he is on a pernicious path to vivisect Hindu religion by instigating the dominant Lingayat – Veershiav community to break away from the its fold .

Observers feel this is ploy employed by the Congress to retain Karnataka in the coming Assembly elections . Why is BJP silent on this ‘ blasphemy ‘ which otherwise jumps to denounce even an innocuous statement from a person whom they call as anti-nationalist ? Is this Party also in election mode and is busy in permutation and calculation game . Has election calculus become more important to the Party than the love for nation. ? There is a lesson for the foot soldiers of B JP in Kashmir .
It must be made clear to everyone - more so to the Kashmiri Pandits some of whom seem to have sold soul to the Party - that BJP ,like any other political party , is inalienably wedded to the desire of state power . If fulfillment of the desire dictates opportunism it will not hesitate to indulge in . We have seen it in the period 1998 to 2004 when , in order to have power and retain it , BJP , conveniently , forgot Art 370 , Ram Janam Bhumi and everything that once constituted its ‘ core agenda ‘ . So no one should take BJP’s rant seriously that “ Special status of J&K is not a holy cow which can not to be touched .”

No one can fault Pandit community for having love and preferences for the Indian nation . Understandably , it has an unbreakable cord with country’s civilization and the spiritual past . Make no mistake , without Indian presence it will be unthinkable for the miniscule minority like Kashmiri Hindus to live in the Valley . But that should not make the Community a pall – bearer of Indian state’s follies or excesses committed in the State . It will be highly inappropriate for the KP’s to turn apologists of so called nationalists in the mainland .

Congress Party took Pandits on a ride in Kashmir till 1989 , exploiting their preferences for India . While as the Party could manage a toe-hold for itself in the Valley , Pandits became politically poorer . After 1990 , BJP has replaced Congress to take Pandits on a garden path , with no improvement to the Community’s political fortune . Its aspirations remain unfulfilled . Rather than being used as a tool by the political parties , Pandits should remain alive to the duty they owe to their land of birth and the people residing there . Most of the issues that confront Kashmir can be sorted out if there is a unified inter – community initiative.

Being appreciative of each other’s sensitivities, often, works as a balm and helps reconciliation.

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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