Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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B R I C S Declaration – Challenge to Pakistan and added responsibility for India

By B L Saraf

It is indeed a measure of success for India that China has , finally, agreed to include specific references to Pakistan based anti – India terror groups Lashkar e – Taiba and Jeish -e - Mohammad in the BRICS Declaration , issued at the conclusion of BRICS nations conference recently held in Xiamen China . The conference has condemned terrorism in all forms . What makes this declaration significant is that it comes despite China cautioning India , in run up to the conference , not to raise terrorism issue of Pakistan based terrorist out fits in Xiamen . It also comes after last year’s Goa conference where move to condemn these terrorist organizations was blocked by China .
Coming close on President Trump’s rather severe criticism of its establishment for stoking trouble in Afghanistan , the BRICS declaration poses a real challenge to Pakistan to come clean on terrorism related issues in the region , largely attributed to the activities of these outfits . Pakistan has to act as it cannot afford , simultaneous , displeasure of two of its trusted benefactors .

The declaration may provide something to the “ nationalist “ T V warriors to rejoice , call Pakistan names and laud Indian diplomacy . For saner elements in New Delhi and well-wishers of India’s cause in J &K there is other side to the declaration ,as well . Sooner the concerned quarters in the Central establishment read the other meaning better it would be for the Country .

We must remember that activities of L E T and JEM are basically Kashmir specific , though some of their terrorist acts perpetrated in rest of India cannot be discounted . There are people in some parts of the world who don’t see turmoil in Kashmir in simple terrorism terms . For them , it is a political issue . This could be true to some extent .So long as this impression prevails and the political angle is not addressed , at least to the satisfaction of fair number of people , glee on the ban imposed on some out fits as terrorists would be short lived . Till then , for these people LET and J E M would remain supporters of a ‘ cause ‘ ,worth espousing . A simmering Kashmir will provide an alibi to these quarters . Here is lies responsibility for India to dispel the impression by clearing up the mess in Kashmir . For that a huge political effort is called for . This is the time when it must commence . Summer 2017 has , mercifully , been less violent as against that of 2016 . P M Modi is in “ galle lagani ke “ mood . Good sections in Kashmir society are ready to open arms in reciprocation .

Pakistan provides a lesson - that you cannot stretch your friends beyond a point where it becomes hard for them to defend you . If India cannot win over Kashmiris in a peaceful way its friends, too, will feel stretched , as has been the case with our Western neighbor . BRICS declaration provideds an opportunity for India to break from the past to mange things in J &K . It highlights the need to honor earlier commitments and negates the actions that may tend to delegitimize those commitments .

In a fast moving world where short lived considerations dictate nation’s interests , situations always remain fluid . Presently , India may be in a position to leverage its economic strength and geo –strategic position to have US and China on its side, on some issues . But story can’t remain static . Fast paced developments keep friends and foes always in run for the musical chairs . Nobody knows when required who is in the chair for you .
Whereas the 2017 BRICS Declaration is cause of serious concern for Pakistan it throws lot of responsibly on India.

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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