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Bhim Singh, Rajiv Chuni meet Rajnath Singh
Jammu, September 11, (Scoop News)- Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party reminded the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh to accept the facts that the Indian Constitution has not extended its Fundamental Rights which are available to every Indian citizen (except Jammu and Kashmir) ever since 1954 when sword of ‘A’ was added with Article 35. Since 14th May, 1954 people of J&K have been facing the nail on their heads including the J&K Prime Minister upto Congress MLA Bhim Singh (the signatory). Prof.Bhim Singh that Shri Rajnath Singh is highly matured, polished and knows the language of a gentleman who is expected the speak the truth that his one visit or 50 visits in a month or in a year would not matter at all to rebuild shaken confidence of the people of J&K who have been facing the sword of Article 35(A) which has been used by the forced leadership on the suffering people of J&K right since 1953 when Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah was put behind the bars and put on harsh trial for a decade by the Union Govt. headed by Sheikh Abdullah’s intimate friend, the then Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
Prof.Bhim Singh said that all rulers of J&K since 1954 have been defending Article 35(A) which gave them illegal weapon to suppressed the people of J&K to flourish their loot. Prof.Bhim Singh said that in his own petitions, at least one dozen of them, the rulers of J&K patronized by Delhi have been exposed of their draconian rule and the acts of suppression and oppression against the people of J&K under one pretext or the other. Article 35(A) provides free hand to the rulers of J&K to continue their rule of oppression and suppression. This author (Bhim Singh) himself suffered jails, arrests and torture for nearly 8½ years only because he (Bhim Singh) had raised a voice for justice and human rights.
Prof.Bhim Singh reminded Rajnath ji that the statement which he has made were recited 100 times by Nehrus, Gandhis, Manmohan Singh ji and all other Indian Prime Ministers and leaders. How does it matter? NPP Supremo said that people of J&K deserve to be treated as human beings with all Fundamental Rights which are being enjoyed by every citizen of India. The Constituent Assembly failed to integrate J&K with the rest of the country when Maharaja of J&K had signed the similar Instrument of Accession as was signed by 575 rulers of different states which acceded to the Union of India. NPP Supremo pleaded with the Home Minister of India to answer the people of J&K why Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh was not approved on 26th January, 1950 when India was declared a Republic?
Why Parliament of India has decided to not to legislate in respect of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications and Allied Matters as was offered by the rulers of J&K? Why Parliament does not legislate in respect of these three matters? Why Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution have not been extended to J&K? Why J&K High Court is not brought under the scope of the Constitution of India?
Prof.Bhim Singh dared Union Home Minister to extend all Fundamental Rights to the Indian citizens (Permanent Residents in J&K) and integrate High Court of J&K with the Supreme Court of India as is the case with other High Courts in India. So that people of J&K shall also live with honour and dignity. So that the residents of J&K shall also enjoy full freedom and Fundamental Rights as are being enjoyed by the citizens of India in the rest of the country. We the people of J&K shall not bother Shri Rajnath Singh to visit 50 times a year.

Chairman S. O. S. International Rajiv Chuni called on Rajnath Singh Home Minister of India here on Monday and submitted the following memorandum;

“Before Sh. Rajnath Singh Hon’ble Home Minister of India, at Jammu on 11-September-2017

IN THE MATTER OF: Grave Human Rights Violations of 12 lacs Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) displaced persons presently staying in ghettos for the last more than seven decades – redressal of grievances there off.
Hon’ble Sir,

I would like to bring into your notice that PoK Displaced Persons are the foremost victims of Jammu and Kashmir State turmoil when tribal along with concrete support of Pakistani army invaded various parts of the State of Jammu and Kashmir which are now under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. Since our forceful exodus from our ancestral places, no one ever came for talks and no helping hand was extended towards us. We were ruthlessly ignored and exploited by our own leadership for the last 7 decades.
It is mandatory to remind that when your party was in opposition, you along with other BJP leaders had paid a visit to one of our camps namely Badyal Brahmana Camp, R S Pura. You witnessed such inhumane conditions under which PoK Displaced Persons were constrained to spend their lives. That time, you promised justice to PoK DPs once your party would come in power; moreover you talked about setting up “National Displaced Persons/Refugee Commission” to deal with affairs of PoK Displaced Persons. You had maintained that all such provisions that ensure benefits as per International Refugee Law will be incorporated in the commission but nothing such occurred even after completion of 3 years of your Government.
In year 2014, State cabinet had passed a package for PoK Displaced which includes Rs 25 lakh cash, reservation to the wards of PoK DPs in professional and technical colleges across the country, employment package for unemployed youths and many more. The package was sent to centre for implementation and your Government at Centre setup a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) which found Rs 25 lakh insufficient and recommended Rs 30 lakh in its report moreover, your Government accepted JPC report but none of the recommendations of JPC implemented on ground. It seemed quite odd that under which logic Rs 5.5 lakh was announced furthermore, process of disbursal of said amount is absolutely chaotic which has added more nuisance among beneficiaries. None of the constituents of the package was implemented in letter and spirit for the reasons best known to your Government. We were promised to get seats in Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council and we were also told to get Satellite townships in place of filthy camps but it is still a distant dream for our community.
Now, you are on visit of the State and it is requested you to kindly implement other constituents of the package in Toto and also constitute Displaced Persons Development Board. Constitution guarantees equality to citizens and it is the duty of Government. I would like to urge you that PoK DPs ought to provide same facilities as being provided to Valley migrants.
We sincerely insist on that our problems need your urgent attention and immediate remedial measure. That is what we hope. Nothing short of it can help the matter.

(i) Include 5300 left out families of PoK DPs of 1947 registered out the State in the current package.
(ii) Grant Refugee or Internally Displaced Persons status to PoK DPs.
(iii) Implementation of PoK DPs package passed by the Cabinet of NC-Cong Government of J&K State in October 2014
(iv) Constitution of PoK DPs Development Board in J&K State
(v) Grant Socially & Economically Backward Status to PoK DPs
(vi) Apply Central Act - “Displaced Persons Compensation and Rehabilitation Act of 1954” to rehabilitate PoK DPs
(vii) Reservation of seats in J&K Legislative Assembly & Council for PoK DPs
(viii) Ease procedure for granting State Subject Certificates to PoK DPs residing outside the State
(ix) Employment Package & interest free loans to unemployed PoK DPs youths
(x) Return of cash deposits of PoK DPs wedged in J&K Bank Branch at Mirpur for the last 70 years
(xi) Improvement in living conditions of PoK DPs
(xii) Registration of claims of the properties left behind in PoK & compensation thereof
(xiii) Compensation to the Dam effected DPs constructed over Jhelum River at Mirpur
(xiv) Treat at par all migrants or displaced
(xv) Register left-out cases of PoK DPs who were not registered due to certain conditions
(xvi) Human loss Compensation.”

Rajnath assured Mr. Chuni that the Government of India will consider all the issues related to PoK DPs raised by the SOS International at its earliest.
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