Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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New Low in Kashmir’s Social Fabric

By B L Saraf

As if the devastating events of 1990 were not enough to tear asunder the Kashmir society when Pandit component was lopped off it , in 2017 we see the remaining component - of Kashmiri Muslims falling apart. Internecine feud within the Muslim community is at the work . We have ample instances to say so. Last year , in the wake of Burhan Wani’s death , a fellow Muslim entepreaneaur fell prey to the frenzy of his co-religionists , which saw his fledgling - a model - apple orchard uprooted in Kokarnag . Now , in Shopian area of the Valley we see death of a Muslim and destruction of his property at the hands of his fellow faith followers : just because he was a worker of the ruling political party . Two young Muslim ladies, falling to the bullets of the militants in TRAL , will surely be a catalyst to hasten the decay.

The detestable braid chopping phenomenon , which has set in the Valley , has given fresh impetus to process which is eating into what is left of Kashmir’s social fabric . Everyone has become an object of suspicion and hatred for the other . Social camaraderie has given way to the bloody acrimony . So much so a mentality challenged fellow Kashmir wasn’t spared and is battling for life in a hospital in Srinagar , on mere suspicion of being a braid chopper .The remnants of already tottering trust have evaporated . It looks that unintended , though not unanticipated , consequences of dreadful past three decades are fast catching up with us . Pandits stand consumed thirty year since , now Muslims are on the self- destruction path .

This has been a sad story of our state that situation keeps on vacillating from centre stage to the margins . When we are about to overcome a situation , new insecurities crop from nowhere - sometimes real , sometimes imaginary and often created by a design . This is matter which must be seriously considered by the Central government . Military option has limits . Maybe in accounting for a hundred odd militants , this summer in Kashmir , the option has hit the optimum level , when other one for dealing with the deteriorating situation - starting a dialogue process with the stake holder - requires to be exercised.

Given the brazenness of the criminal act and the sheer number of women having fallen a prey , in day light across the Valley , it is mind reeling how could the culprit remain invisible or dissolve in thin air before anyone could have, even , a fleeting glimpse of him ? It must be said that given the nature of the act and accessibility of the place of crime someone among the society should have courage to make an attempt to identify the accused , if not actually apprehend him . Political parties in the Valley are agitated over the matter – rightly so ; but here is the case where they can render a helping hand to the authorities to apprehend the culprit

It is tragic that we Kashmiris have fallen so low as to make women objects of instigation and subjugation .Braid chopping provides another example of how women are used as easy prey and vulnerable objects to subdue the communities . And when their tormentors walk free -as is the case here - we see impunity taunting us . Can we accept moral duty to create conditions where people will desist from playing upon the modesty of our daughters and sisters . The least we can do in this regard is not to do politics on our honor and dignity.

Some people are raising voices against the mob frenzy . But it is feeble . More people must come forward and make voice of denunciation loud and clear . Where is the state govern ? It is time C M Mebooba comes forward to provide an inspirational leadership . There is a dire need to stem the self-destroying trend.

With Pandits relegated to the footnotes of history , Muslims on the path of self- annihilation what remains of Kashmir to be --- Azad ( independent ) for some , Atoot Aung ( inseparable part ) for one and Shah Rug ( jugular vein ) for the other ? Please spare a thought !

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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