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No Aazadi For Kashmir, No POK For India - What is cooking up ?

By B L Saraf

First , it was Pakistan Prime Minister , Shahid Khaqan Abasi , rejecting the idea of independence for Jammu & Kashmir on the argument, “ it is not based on reality and there is no support for the demand of Independent Kashmir .” Close on his heels , Farooq Abdullah made a similar statement that Azadi is no option . He explained , “ The issue of Azadi is nothing . We are land locked . There is China on one side . Pakistan is on another side . India on other side . All three of them have Atom bombs . We have nothing except Allah’s name . Those who are talking of Azadi are wrong .” Bravo Farooq Shaheb ! No doubt , it is an articulation of the obvious . But not exactly so about his other statement of the day , “ Pakistan occupied Kashmir belongs to Pakistan that won’t change even if India and Pakistan kept fighting wars .”

As expected Farooq’s latter statement triggered a political commotion of sorts . Ranging from BJP to Ghulam Nabi Azad of INC , all have criticized him . Many of the central law makers , past and present , have also come down on him for this statement . Their concern is well taken . Because ,there are couple of Parliamentary Resolutions, passed unanimously , reiterating India’s claim over J &K ,as it stood in August 1947 , and its stated position to free POK from Pakistan .

Farooq Abdullah may appear to many , not without a reason , a flamboyant non serious politician , unfit to rule any state – much less the complex J&K. His governance record may also suggest so . But despite his care free image ,he has survived long in the local and national politics , having occupied very important positions in the GOI . By all accounts , he is still active and kicking in the politics . Therefore , it must be said of the man that some method lies in the ‘ madness ‘ , occasionally found in his outbursts . May be , it is so in the current statement as well . Because , intentionally or by coincidence , it comes in a series of political developments that are taking place in the country and outside which may have some bearing on the K issue .

US President Trump is , as impression goes , all for India to assume a significant role in the South -East Asia , more particularly in Afghanistan . He doesn’t care for Pakistan’s annoyance in this regard. USA and some European countries are pitching for India’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council .Much as China would oppose India’s move , in the UN , to declare some persons living In Pakistan as global terrorist but the country has not been totally oblivious to the India’s concerns on the issue . Therefore , it did sign on BRICS declaration ,naming certain -India specific - Pakistan based terrorist organizations as a global scourge . China is actively wooing India to join OBOR initiative . As signals emanate from across the LOC , China has conveyed to Pakistan to reign in the ‘ non-state actors ‘ ,or else it will feel too stretched to hold UN back , any longer , from naming them as a threat to the global peace .

Knowledgeable observers feel that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s efforts to see normalization of Indo-Pak relations are paying dividends . Pakistan’s decision to allow a meet between his wife and detained Kulbhushan Yadav is a clear indication .

These developments may be weighing with India to set its house in order in Kashmir . PM Narrandra Modi’s Independence day outreach to the Kashmir’s youth and Center’s action to appoint Representative to talk to ‘ any one ‘ are positive indications . To add , came GOI’s request to the Apex Court for postponing hearing on Article 35 A , which has been a cause of great consternation to people living in Kashmir . Seen in this background , particularly when Pakistan has publically discarded the Azadi option , Farooq Abdullah’s statement falls in a perspective .

We often refer Simla Agreement to sort out issues with Pakistan . This agreement has changed nomenclature of Cease Fire Line ( CFL ) to the Line Of Actual Control ( LOAC ) , marking a significant deviation in the earlier stated positions held by either country , in the matter . It is a sort of acknowledgement for continuation of Status- quo with respect to the present geographical alignment in the Sub- Continent . But then , politically , nothing can remain static on the Kashmir front.

Nobody can deny Farooq Abdullah’s secular and nationalist credentials . Therefore , one wishes him to be a bit circumspect in projecting views which may tend to create confusion on addressing the volatile issue like Kashmir and embolden communal and fissiparous elements . Who knows it better than him . Doctor Abdullah has been an important member of the Indian Parliament. Some amount of respect and sensitive to its Resolutions , passed unanimously, is expected of him . Though , nothing is sacrosanct in politics . It will serve no body’s cause in the State by making statements like “ India has betrayed Kashmiris .” Question will be asked how and in which way ? Faroooq Abdullah will be better served if he recalls that , with the blessings of GOI , his family has enjoyed power and pelf for better part of the popular rule in J &K . In the same vein , an ordinary resident of J&K may ask what he and other Kashmir centric political dispensations have done to ameliorate his condition .”

We understand that present bloody turmoil is largely the result of extra-territorial machinations . But a fertile ground has been provided by bad governance of the politicians who ruled J&K ,time to time.

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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