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JK Govt is deliberately dangling our demands for vested interests: Gupta
Chain Dharna enters into day 12
Jammu, January 07 (Scoop News)-The indefinite Chain Dharna of PoK DPs that was launched on Dec 27, 2018 today entered into Day 12 under the banner of S. O. S. International – An organization for PoK Displaced Persons at its headquarters Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. Led by Run Gupta and accompanied by Pritam Singh, Sham Singh, Anil Gupta, S. D. Gupta and A. N Sharma blamed the Government of creating fuss to our demands.

The indefinite chain dharna is being held over the main 6 key demands viz. implementation of the whole package passed by State Cabinet in October 2014 for PoK Displaced Persons, provide facilities to all displaced at par with Valley Migrants, reservation of 8 seats for people displaced from PoK in J&K Legislative Assembly, permit PoK DPs to visit to their religious places in PoK, inclusion of 5, 300 PoK DPs families living outside the State in the ambit of package passed in October 2014 and return of cash deposits with interest to PoK DPs lying with J&K Bank Mirpur.

“BJP says it believes in equality and our constitution guarantees equality to all the citizens irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion but what happens to Government when it comes towards us. All the values and principles get eroded only to appease specific community that is quite unfortunate to a party that proclaims equality its one of the core agenda. I don’t understand that a national party only is doing development of one community neglecting other as both belong to same state. We have been demanding 8 seats in J&K Assembly for the community so that their people can represent their own community and raise voice for their benefits but unfortunately Government is not interested in doing so. Recently, S. O. S. International delegation met Chief Election Commissioner Mr. Om Parkash Rawat in New Delhi over the restoration of 8 frozen seats for PoK DPs and he immediately sought the comments of Government over the same. But Government has sent the file to Ministry of Foreign Affairs that seems quite strange as one hand Government says PoK is an integral part of the country and other hand trying to dangle our genuine demand deliberately as it is our internal matter then why was foreign Ministry dragged in it? There is huge difference in Government’s saying and doing. It needs to be faithful towards its flora and fauna but it keeps some sort of grudge against us that is totally unacceptable”, he added.

He further stated that India is very rich in diverse cultures, languages, traditions etc. Moreover, India is democratic country where everyone has equal rights but it is very unfortunate that Government treats people with different yardsticks. Particularly in the case of displaced persons, Government becomes biased in providing relief or justice. One displaced community enjoys every relief measures and other displaced community is deprived of all. Instead of adopting biased approach, Government should extend its helping hand towards us so that their suffering can be reduced to some extent but it never happens as it has been witnessed in the case of PoK refugees who have been facing the discrimination for the last 70 years”, he said .

He further said that there is a very large vote bank of PoK DPs as they are 13 lakh in numbers. Every time, PoK DPs were used by various political parties but we were never helped by them. We have played the role of kingmaker many times but we were not given the justice that was promised to us by political leaders. In Parliamentary and Assembly elections, PoK DPs have not been accommodated. BJP got our votes and then one after one accommodated KPs in Legislative Council. It is not the fault of political parties but it is the fault of ours who have been divagated often. Unless and until, we get united, we can’t achieve the dream of reaching to our final goal. Once we get united, all political parties will fall at our feet so it is the need of hour to show our power to Government by uniting ourselves”, he added.

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