Monday, August 26, 2019
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Blood , Blood Everywhere - not a drop to save life

B L Saraf

We are told that in olden times Kashmir Valley was a big Lake ,filled up to the brim , with water which a spiritual genius managed to drain out and gave us Kashmir what it looks today . History seems to be on course to repeat itself . Kashmir is once again turning into a lake , with a difference that blood is replacing water . Blood - of the humans irrespective of region , color and creed : making no distinction between locals and the non-locals , civilians and the security personnel .
For one it is jewel in the crown; other takes it as an item of unfinished agenda . India considers Kashmir as its integral part . For Pakistan it is the jugular vein . While both the countries ‘ value’ Kashmir as a prized territory but, in practice, work towards its complete annihilation . Annihilation- of its physical being , of the values it is known for .
In the aftermath of 14 Feb deadly terrorist attack on the CRPF convoy near Pulwama we see blood laden dark clouds over hang the Sky : threatening to pour down more blood . Ominous preparations are afoot , across both the countries , to hasten the down pour . May be measures like revoking MFN status , stoppage of water and turning away each other’s artist sportsmen have not worked. War option has become wide open . In fact India has exercised the option . India Air Force has struck places across the LOC on Pakistan side . We are in wait of a dreadful retaliation from across the border . Nobody knows who will be the causality and what could be the extent of damage ? Who will listen in this frenzy that war won’t solve a problem . Rather it will create many more .
P M Imran Khan - a self acclaimed honor bound Pathan , being beholden to the forces in Pakistan who do not see a virtue in peaceful relations with India , can’t do much . However some action has been initiated against extremist elements . But the job has to be in continuation . More for the Pakistanis , Imran must understand that the task of containing extremism cannot be left unfinished .
PM Narradra Modi , a captive to a particular ideology , being always in an election mode- 2019 Lok Sabha election knocking at the door – it is too big an ask to expect him to smoke the peace pipe at this juncture . Nonetheless , it is time for him too to understand that in its own interest India must recognize that cross- LOC terrorism can at best be minimized but not fully contained . For India , task is cut out in the Valley , where masculine approach has achieved nothing for him , so far . A human touch is required , immediately ; followed by a time bound and result oriented process of reconciliation. Job , no doubt , is daunting but India being very much in political and administrative authority in Kashmir , onus is on it to see durable peace prevails .
Modi must resist the political temptation and keep Kashmir out of the electoral calculus .There is lot more at stake than just an election .Prime Minister has said , it is a “ fight for Kashmir and not against Kashmiris .” Whosoever we may be fighting against Kashmir has become the battle ground . This place is overflowing with human blood .
Just after Feb 14 incident we heard a shrill cries raised to abrogate Article 35A . It has widened the emotional divide . Situation is undoubtedly tough . We smell madness everywhere . But then life is that which goes on . We have to help it move on . It is a daunting job to find saner voices . Politicians of any hue are incorrigible and beyond redemption . We have no faith in them . For a while let them be at a bay . However nothing is lost completely . May be a rare commodity in these times but there are concerned people who must come together at this juncture and raise their voice to combat this madness . Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with a vibrant civil society which ,we hope ,will come forward to calm the heightened passions and , subsequently , work for restoration of sanity .
There has been more than enough bloodletting .Let some drops remain in the veins . May be a precious life is saved , someday .

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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