Friday, February 28, 2020
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Valley leadership on secessionist course

K.N. Pandita

Valley’s leading political parties participating in the parliamentary and later on in the assembly elections in Kashmir, despite the boycott calls often given by the known separatists and secessionists, have lately found a pretext behind which they are giving vent to what they have been at pains to hide over the years. NC and PDP heavyweights both have publicly and to the media said that if Article 370 or 35-A are abolished, Kashmir will rejoice on God-sent (read Pakistan-sent) separation from the Indian Union.

The choice for the leadership and the people in Kashmir in such a situation would be (a) to declare secession from the Indian Union of the State of Jammu and Kashmir and get it endorsed by the State legislature in order to give such a declaration a semblance of legality (b) After a declaration is made and Legislative Assembly gives its consent, the people of the State will have to decide whether the State remains independent or joins Pakistan. (c) Immediately declare accession to Pakistan totally non-conditional as is the agenda of the separatists. (d) After establishing secession from the Indian Union, there could be many voices in Kashmir Valley demanding Valley joining China because pro-Chinese wave has been covertly in motion in Kashmir Valley ever since the Chinese literature was seized from a militant in Baramulla two years ago and also China began issuing visa to Kashmiris on separate piece of paper.

The questions that will arise and shall have to be answered are: (a) Will the State government (after it is formed through pending assembly election) make the secession announcement of only the Valley of Kashmir or all the three regions? (b) Since the J&K Legislature has till date reserved 25 seats for the PoK, will the announcement of the elected government in Srinagar include the PoK in its secessionist agenda? (c) Presuming it will, in that case will the dictation of Srinagar assembly/cabinet be a binding for Muzaffarabad government and assembly where anti-Pakistan voices are loud and clear since a long time? (d) If the Srinagar assembly declares independence from Indian Union for the regions of Jammu and Ladakh, will that be acceptable to the people of these two regions? In that case, will there not be polarization and will it not revive the bloody scenario of the partition of India? (e) What if Ladakh declares to be the Union Territory of the Union of India and Jammu declares to be a new State of the Indian Union. Can Srinagar regime stop it and has it the capacity to foresee the consequences?

This apart, there are other issues like (a) We said that the secession has to be ratified by the legislative assembly. Obviously, the MLAs from Jammu and Ladakh will not vote for such a volatile course and they will walk out leaving only valley-based MLAS (and may be a stray Muslim MLA from Chenab Valley or Poonch-Rajouri segment going with them) in the assembly hall to vote for secession. In such a situation, the regime will lose Jammu and Ladakh regions altogether. There are some constitutional and legal issues also to prop up. For example, (a) There exists no provision in J&K Assembly for secession of the State from the Indian Union. The Constitutions states that the accession to India is final and irrevocable. What the separatists and the secessionist leadership will be demanding will be in total contravention of the J&K and Indian Constitution. Now, since the NC, PDP, Muslim Conference, Jamaati Islami and their cohorts claim that tampering with the Indian Constitution will lead to secession of the State, what have they to say when their attention is directed to the tampering with the constitution of J&K and of the Indian Union? If the separatist leaders want to enjoy the right to rise against any attempt of “distorting” the Indian Constitution by the Indian State, naturally Indian State shall have the right to prevent any attempt of violating the constitution of the State and the Indian Union. The use of the might of the State is its prerogative.

In all probability, the entire exercise of the rogue Kashmir leadership boils down to the bare fact that it will be only the Kashmir Valley which will secede from Indian Union while the regions of Jammu and Ladakh will remain intact. This is precisely what Pakistan is aiming at. Therefore, there is no second thought on seceding Kashmir from the Indian Union and it joining Pakistan. Two situations have to be kept in mind in such circumstances. One is that Beijing will in no case remains inactive when it comes to know that its border with India is shifted to border with Pakistan. Pakistan is already in her pocket. What China wants and will obstinately pursue is to have borders with India. Therefore within 12 hours of Kashmir Valley declaring secession from India, PLA will be marching the Hari Singh High Street and the Palladium square already known as Lal Chowk. The second is that in terms of logistics, India will take many years to dismantle and relocate its military and other security installations throughout the valley. Who is going to provide the people security in a prospect of a retreating army? For that purpose an international commitment/agreement will be needed among the stakeholders. Therefore, it is for the Kashmir Valley secessionist leadership to initiate the issue with both Beijing and Islamabad. Kashmir leadership will have to read the minds of the two countries what they plan for Kashmir.

It has also to be made clear that Indian Union has every right to defend itself against the publicized Ghazwatul Hind or the anti-India campaign which Pakistan has secretly unleashed in Kashmir. India knows that no country will come to her rescue and she has to fight the rising crescendo of Islamic terrorism single handed. In this prospect Kashmir issues pales into insignificance and unimportance. .

No international agency will accept that the rights of the Hindu displaced persons from Kashmir Valley since 1990 are to be ignored or neglected. The displaced Hindus from Kashmir have already mooted the idea of a global Diaspora demanding not only a court of inquiry into their genocide in 1990 but also their homeland. In a prospect of secession of the valley from the Indian Union, the separate homeland for the Pandits has to become a reality. We know one of the reasons of concentration of the terrorists in South Kashmir with tacit support and goodwill of the local Muslims is because they have the apprehension that South Kashmir would one day be the homeland of the displaced people. This, I understand will be the critical demand of the Indian Union while succumbing to the secession of the Kashmir Valley from the Indian Union, something for which the Congress is stoutly supported by the Indian Left’s Adhikari Theory. For the Indian nation, this eventually, would mean enforcing a pro-national decision and not just supplicating for the Hindu homeland.

(The author is the former Director of the Centre of Central Asian Studies of Kashmir University, . Feedback- [email protected])

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