Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Congratulations TO RRETs

Respected teachers accept my heart full congratulations. The reasons for extending this wish is overt.Now you are handsome salaried employees of the Government. You have a big time to rejoice. That is your right.After all you struggled a lot for this celebration. Rather you are more then employees. You have a beautiful tag associated with you.You are "Builder of Nation".You have the power to be the agents of civilization. You took a lot of humiliation to bear the fruits of this success. You proved your mettle on road by compelling the accept your demands.This is all well and good.But there is the other side of the story. Now it is the time to prove yourselves in rejuvenating the education system in the Govt.Schools.It is the time to be committed in strengthing the academic standards. Now you have responsibilities. If you will be not spurn the non serious approach now then your celebration transform into hypocrisy.Before any futher celebration I want to point some of the apprehensions. Doctors, journalists, engineers, bureaucrats and people from all professions are manufactured and nurtured at schools .Teachers are the grass root level mentors .If there will be lacunae in the basic education system the imperfection will be reflected at levels.Your profession should be an example for all other profession. You should be a role model for all.Teachers leave a deep mark on the life and personality of every human being .Now you have to work .No excuse .The condition of the Govt.School is no obscure facts. It is worse then worse.If you will still be incompetent ; you have to give answers.You will be laggard as deadwood if you will fail to prove your mettle. You will reap the fruits but you will deceive your conscience. The results of the Govt schools are shattered. At least spare us.Have mercy on the children studying in Govt Schools. Show us the results, we will congrats you more cogently. If not then don't try to be messengers of education. The parents are compelled to admit their children in the private schools. It has led to the unhealthy and aggressive privatisation of education. The gang of private schools has flourished and they are plundering under the garb of better education. If you have are in sync with the contemporary competitive era why there is no sign of progress in the results of Govt Schools? Why you prefer to admit your own children in private schools? .Do you doubt in your own teaching? If yes then it is a tragedy and a scam of large scale blooming in the system. If all the teachers equipped with impressive degrees, wherein lies the fault?You have to introduce the concept of a civilised teaching community. Don't politicize teaching community. You have to focus on your teaching methodology. You have to bring a paradigm shift from the gossiping culture to serious competitive environment. The words are unending ,but I will end it with hope that you will be the agents of change. You will not be the laggard in the broken system. You will give your best to realize the dreams of robust education system. You will bring a new dawn of blossing academic in the formented Govt Schools. I can hope nothing more than.
Your etc..
Mool Raj
R/o Bhagota(Panjsoo)
Distt.&Teh Doda....
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