Friday, July 3, 2020
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An Open Letter to His Excellency, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir
Khidmat Centres

His Excellency,

The Honourable Governor of J&K,

Raj Bhavan, Srinagar.

Your Excellency,

We the Khidmat Centres established by the J&K Bank from 2009 to 2015 while serving as Service Centre Agency under e-Governance plan, are facing existential crisis and it is since 2009 and 2010, we continued to wait for all those promises to get fulfilled under which our Khidmat Centres were established. We left the best of other opportunities from time to time with the hope that the things promised will be delivered but nothing substantial was ever done and today we are facing an existential threat.

The J&K Bank came to our rescue from time to time, without any support from the Government. But with technological advancements the Bank has to progress and to adopt innovation in its processes and reach so now with the expansion of the J&K Bank in the whole of Jammu and Kashmir and after adopting certain creative aspects in its overall functioning, the jobs we were performing till date started to lose their relevance and here again our remaining sources of survival are under absolute threat.

After feeling complete insecurity we approached the J&K Bank many times where we discussed with the Bank the existential threat we are facing and the Bank while acknowledging our insecurities and miserable conditions in a series of meetings and discussions, has now assured us that they will rehabilitate us by securing our future in an arrangement which shall be permanent in nature where our dignified survival shall be guaranteed.

But the Bank has got certain apprehensions because of the fact that Khidmat Centres were initially established as Common Service Centres under e-governance plan. And for a permanent and secure arrangement to work, the Bank needs a nod of go-ahead from the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to proceed further.

Once this moral support from the Government is provided and the process of permanent settlement of Khidmat Centre Professionals is started by the Bank, we Khidmat Centres are going to collectively withdraw from the Common Service Centre role and the IT Department/JAKEGA or any other concerned department/agency of the Govt. whether state of central shall be free from any of our demands.

Our Careers, lives and the future of our whole families is at stake and we are suffering continuously and any delay in appreciating the J&K Bank for being ready to take such a major step will aggravate the situation where we along with our families may be compelled to come on roads.

Each new dawn destroys us further and delays after delays has consumed all our resources. We are literally facing an existential threat where our lives, dignities, carries and the lives of our families are at stake. Now when the J&K Bank is ready to explore a permanent arrangement in its own wisdom to rehabilitate all of us, the Government which has been till date a mere spectator should now run towards the J&K Bank to offer a moral support and to appreciate the leadership of the J&K Bank for this courage.

It is therefore humbly requested to your Excellency to please direct all the concerned quarters in the government to coordinate with the J&K Bank pro-actively so that the J&K Bank ltd is freed from any apprehensions to rehabilitate us. And in it its best sympathetic gestures and as a proof that the government of J&K is ready to embrace institutions with creative mindset, the government is such a situation is expected to declare an incentive for the J&K Bank for such a thought and commitment.

Yours Sincerely,

Bilal Zargar (President JKKCA)

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