Friday, July 3, 2020
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Modi 2.0 And Jammu & Kashmir

B L Saraf

Now that period of jubilation for those who have come out with flying colors and the days of mourning for those who have bitten the dust in the just concluded national elections are over , it is time to pause a while and reflect upon what we experienced in run up to the elections and what is likely to follow - as a consequence of the massive mandate Narrandtra Modi got from the people of India . Campaign was indeed shrill and polarizing . Thankfully , now that is behind us .
The nation has seen the spectacular Narrandra Modi victory in the 2019 General Elections . All keen observers are agreed that this will mark a new chapter in the history of Indian democracy . While the BJP lead NDA is celebrating the incredible hubris and failure of the opposition to put up a credible challenge to the ruling NDA will haunt them for a long period . That is matter for further analysis which , we are sure ,will be undertaken soon by the political Pundits . One lesson is clear from the election results : that the confrontationist politics based on hallow rhetoric will not yield any electoral dividend, henceforth . Focus , as Modi has shown us , has to be on a real challenges of bread , butter and the national security concerns .
One has to appreciate that Narrandra Modi related well with the electorate on the strength of his deliverance on significant people friendly schemes ,meant to ameliorate their lot . His emphasis on national security concerns ,demonstrated by his hard action against the perpetrators of Pulwama terrorist attack on the security forces and his response - stretching beyond borders , also resonated very well with the voters .
While we talk of security issues being addressed , Kashmir problem comes back to the mind . The security force have done a commendable job of eliminating almost all the dreaded terrorists . There is no denying that major success has been achieved on the security front . Now there is an impending need to consolidate the gains .
World over , we have seen that where ever a conflict arose and terrorist stepped in , killing of a terrorist didn’t work as a final measure of success of conflict resolution . The causes of strife remain in Kashmir . Serious efforts are needed to counter radicalization of the Youth . One way to do it is to initiate structured program that brings together civil society members and family groups of the potential recruits . Here , one can safely say that PM Modi , with his vast mandate and political will , is eminently suited to initiate reconciliatory moves in the Valley and see them through .
In the moment of triumph we hope PM Modi may address the K imbroglio . He has emerged as unquestionable leader of the nation , occupying an exalted place in the international arena among global leaders . For him next five years will be a legacy period which may indelibly mark his name in the annuls of contemporary history . His name will be remembered for long if Modi rebuilds a healthy and durable relationship of trust and goodwill of Kashmir with the mainland , on the basis of compact crafted in the trying times of bloodletting partition of the sub-continent .
The external environment is problematic . Pakistan struggles with economic and security issues . It is good omen that that communication between the two countries has resumed which had broken down in the aftermath of Pulwama terrorist attack . Pak PM Imran Khan has twice dialed Modi since the counting of votes began . He has made conciliatory gestures .They have some meaning because he is essentially a Pak Army Product . PM Modi has responded well . His insistence on the trust that should underline mutual relations is well taken . Pakistan must stop exporting terrorist to Kashmir .
Our past experience shows that it would be desirable to talk to the youth , particularly in the Valley, over the heads of Abdullahs , Muftis and Ram Madhavs . Since a political structure is required to support any conflict resolution move , therefore , role of the political parties in Kashmir may not be wished away . It is quite understandable that every political party has an urge and right to spread the wings all over . BJP can’t be an exception to this rule . However , PM must understand that pushing BJP hard has not yielded the desired result in the Valley . Results of the three Lok Sabha seats there has shown that BJP has failed to make a head way . For now , let it be a work in progress .
As they look up to him , Narrandra Modi must reach out to the people of every region and sect of the state and start unfolding the ‘ Galle laganay kee ‘ process which he announced from the Ramparts of Ref Fort couple of years ago . W P Refugees ,POK displaced and the KPs thrown out of the valley call for immediate attention . Kashmir leaders of all hues must understand that whether they like it or not the verdict is in favor of Modi . One may reject it in his imagination but on ground it is a realty . This is outstanding attribute of the democracy which one has to accept though he may not want to . Today’s reality is that PM Modi and the BJP are well entrenched at the helm . And that it can’t be business as usual . Double speak syndrome , in Kashmir , must end . Separatist can’t go on avoiding GOI and at the same time look towards Pakistan while people in Kashmir continue to suffer .
In J &K people suffer on various accounts . Young are jobless . Civic facilities are non –existent . National Highway has become terribly problematic . Instead of being helpful to connect people it has become an irritating obstacle .
PM Modi is right in saying that next five years will be important in the history of India as was the period between 1942 to 1947 . Tranquil and satisfied J & ,K within the national fold , will lend glory to the period .

(The author is a Former Principal District & Sessions Judge. Feedback- [email protected] )

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