Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Effects of Drugs

By Miyan Owais

You may have come across various articles regarding drug abuse but today I will try to get its clear picture.
when an individual is elected to any drug he may come across various problems like disordered thinking behaviour and body functions.I don't need to elaborate its definition as nowadays we keep listening about all that as more and more are getting involved.why more and more people are getting involved isn't this the gateway to destruction to both addicted and their families and indirectly it affects the society, but those who are closest to a drug addicted aur the hardest hit. Common cases in which family where at least one individual is addicted to drugs.How it effects?

Let me give you an idea how it affects!! Those victims may go through criticism defeatism and sometimes parental deviation. Victims sometimes would go misdirected anger with the drug addicted and it may lead a family dysfunction.Assume a student or teenager living in a place where the head of the family is drug addicted. Teenage is the period in one's life where he/she should have been planning about a bright future but at the same same time when he or she becomes a victim, it turns the mindset and the life goals of the teenager. it's an age where brains don't work but enthusiasm does. So the teenager might be planning to leave alone and earn by himself and live a peaceful life and that's what he is not prepared for and it may result in destruction of a beautiful career which might have been a good leader or any other officer.It needs to be checked at the very earliest. Our society is in dire need of it .

‌Drug abuse has been the primary cause to 80% of all Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

‌ Drug abuse encourages 60% of all the crimes
‌ Drug abuse supports rapists, in several cases the victim was also found to be addicted.
Below are some points which the authorities should Work on:

✓setting up of drug abuse cell which cell remain open 24 into 7 were the victims who director complaints and a complaint should be acted within hours

✓Compulsory to organise counselling program once in a week or at least once once in a month for schools Banks Government institutions and offices.
✓Continous Raid to drug peddlers

I can see it in his eyes
when he comes creeping in.
He's been somewhere he promised me
he'd never go again.
He thinks that I won't know it.
He thinks that I can't tell.
But he forgets how many times
he's put me through this hell.
The deceit is never-ending.
The betrayal. Silly lies.
How can he even sit there
and look me in the eyes?
I've cried so many tears.
I feel all alone!

This is a poem by a drug addicted victim and it may help you feel that pain a victim feels whose closet one is addicted.

(Miyan Owais , Ex Student of JNV Kupwara)

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