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Peace education through Gandhi

Sadaket Ali Malik

Peace education is meant to remove all the barriers, Peace education can eliminate conflict, violence
To ensure a peaceful world, we must teach peace to our young postarity. We must give adequate attention to teaching them the importance of peaceful co-existence. Just putting peace concepts in the curriculum will not serve the purpose.
UNICEF in its reports says billions people have been denied their childhood. I repeat, more than one billion children, half of the world’s population of children suffer from poverty, violent conflict and the scourge of AIDS. UNICEF says this in its annual report.Education for peace, values, culture and traditions is the only way to overcome the menace. This refers to educating the child for peace. The concept of this type of education has been generated by UN. It says that peace education must be the core objective of every member country so as to imbibe the social, cultural and traditional and intellectual values among the students across the nations.
Education is for the sake of peace, so it was felt worthwhile by the international community to incorporate the same in the modal curriculum globally and locally.Peace education should not mean the education of the peace of mind only but for the resolution of the issues of conflict and preparing the young minds for the mutual dialogue and understanding in intellectual arena. Peace education is more effective and meaningful when it is adopted according to the social and cultural context and the needs of a country. It should be enriched by its cultural and spiritual values together with the universal human values. It should also be globally relevant.
On seeing this guide a teacher might wonder: “Is it really necessary to teach peace as such? Education is for peace. Isn’t it already in the curriculum?” She may be right in a sense. But the questions remain: Are we giving adequate attention today to teach peace? Are our schools really interested in producing a peaceful young generation? Is it enough having mere peace concepts in the curriculum? This is a matter of debate? Is Govt. of India as a member of United Nation striving towards peace in schools, colleges and universities and how the UN bodies are making efforts to incorporate the Peace education as an integral part of the curriculum?
Therefore, The UNESCO has instituted peace education prize. The purpose of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education is to promote all forms of action designed to construct the defenses of peace in the minds of men by rewarding a particularly outstanding example of activity designed to alert public opinion and mobilise the conscience of humankind in the cause of peace, in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the United Nations Charter. The UNESCO is committed to the education of the peace. It is publishing a lot of resource material and circulating worldwide for mass awareness. The library and documentation centre in India is a catalyst for the publication for material for the teachers and resource persons. UNESCO as a technical support agency is imparting skill based training to the resource persons and preparing them for the good of the society.
On the other hand, National Curriculum Framework (NCF) (2005) by NCERT asserts that education must be able to promote values that foster peace, humanness and tolerance in a multicultural society. The NCERT has launched a training programme for the teachers on peace education in the country in which the objective is to build the peace for self and empowerment.
Baha’i Academy of Higher Learning is contributing its bit for the peace education for universal human values in the country. The National Council for Rural Institutions (NCRI) a body under HRD ministry is providing assistance to the training institutions in the field of peace and conflict studies. The Union Ministry of HRD is strengthening the education of human value. The scheme for strengthening education in human values launched in 2002 is credit to the ministry.
NCERT is all set to train teachers in conflict resolution techniques and ways to undermine violence and aggression. Globalisation and technology brought the people so close that we started feeling that nothing is impossible. Knowledge is just a click away.

When the Devathas and Asuras did the samundra manthan halahal was also produced. Like wise Globalisation brought competition which must be replaced by co-operation in every field.
Nevertheless, efforts at national and International level are Herculean for the sustainable development, but more need to be done in the field.It is only when we develop love for the children all our teaching –languages, religion, science, social, art , craft, service activities whatever it is will result in working for peace and that will be the peace education. Teachers need to be provided training even at local level. There should be an Institution of national Importance for this purpose leading to the masters Degree in Peace education so that teachers need to be taught.
Peace education requires all of us to understand, to experience and feel the seriousness, and work with hope for the world peace. Total absence of war only can bring total peace and education is the only way for elimination of conflict and violence. On the eve of Gandhi Jeyanti and amid COVID 19 crisis, we must recalibrate our efforts and redraw a roadmap at local level to ensure that peace education be made an integral part of our curriculum.

The Author is a columnist.

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